Amanda Seyfried Forgot Her Panties on a Photo Shoot

If you look at Amanda Seyfried’s body of work it is no surprise she forgot her panties on a photo shoot. Amanda Seyfried has been pumping out multiple movies per year for over a decade her biggest role being the teen drama Mean Girls with Lindsey Lohan. This girl has no time to think about trifling things like panties. These camando upskirt potos are hot but this is not the first time Amanda Seyfried has been photographed nude.

Amanda Seyfried started losing her clothes for the camera a decade ago her first naked romp being Alpha Dog. Since then Amanda Seyfried has been naked and topless in a list of films the most notable being Lovelace where she played porn legend Linda Lovelace.

Amanda Seyfried has even graced our TV sets naked portraying the character of Sarah Henrickson on the HBO series Big Love.  However, with all of the nude acting Amanda Seyfried has done she has never done full frontal nudity. Even when portraying a porn star. So these pictures are the frist shots of Amanda’s baby maker. And it is a nice on at that.

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