Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone 58 Quiet Coil Strat Pickup

The Mojotone 58 Quiet Coil Strat Pickup is part of another new approach by the wizards at Mojotone. While many of the pickups from Mojotone can be an example of the end result justifying the unique approach, I think the “Quiet Coil” series might be an example of doing that with a wink and a nod to magic of vintage single coils.

While pursuing an innovative method to a noiseless hum-free single coil, Mojotone is still using material with a more vintage spec to them with parts that include 42 gauge heavy formvar wire, fiberboard bobbins, and push-back cloth lead wire. Man, that’s a cool approach!

To test this out, I went with a super-strat with a hum bridge and a single neck so that I could get an idea of how the 58 Quiet Coil holds its own up next to a higher output humbucker. The harness is made up of a Bourns 500k push-pull, a Switchcraft output jack, and aerospace grade hookup wire. Yes, Mojotone is recommending 500k pots for the Quiet Coil pickups. It installed in a snap and I was off and running.

Starting with a clean amp tone, the 58 Quiet Coil has that classic single coil vibe that you’re looking for. The transparent clarity, the edgy articulation, the chimey snap. Being well-responsive to playing styles, you can get your full chords or your snappy lines or your funky comped chords.

The real proof for me is going to be a dirty amp tone. And the 58 Quiet Coil really held together very well. Laying some drive into the approach delivered really smooth blues runs, gritty riff work, and sweet leads up high on the neck.

Bringing a new innovative method of managing a quiet single coil is always of interest. Many players have probably tried some of the ones out there and might end up still looking for the more authentic single coil voicing that the 58 Quiet Coil can deliver. The tech side of this is pretty cool, and it makes perfect sense. Now I’m looking forward to Mojotone implementing the Quiet Coil technology throughout their single coil catalog.

Take a look at the Mojotone 58 Quiet Coil. They come in singles and sets and even in pre-wired pickguards, if you don’t wanna have to sweat a major install. You can get covers in black, white, aged white, and parchment.

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UPDATE: New video from Monotone discussing more about the construction and an A/B comparison with Fender noiseless pickups.

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