Review: The Costa Del Mar Isabela Style Sunglasses

A great pair of fashion sunglasses has always been the finishing touch to every classic look. From the oversized cat eye rims, Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the aviator frames on the faces of today’s starlets. As you click through the pictures of the internet past and present, it is easy to see the right pair of frames will finish off your look.

Here is the problem, the online retailers know this also. How many times as you were purchasing the perfect outfit online has the site suggested a $20 pair of sunglasses that would perfectly match your new sundress? Yes, the sunglasses might match the color and style of any lovely dress like bright green prom dress for sale.

However, these sunglasses are cheap, fragile and bad for your eyes. The distorted optics can cause eye strain and even headaches. They also will not give you the UV protection your eyes need in the scorching sun. As we continue to stockpile these cheap sunglasses, we find ourselves with a pile of useless plastic at the bottom of our purses.

The alternative is to find one or two pairs of high-end glasses that are versatile to wear with everything. Let the glasses stand on their own merits. If they are nice, enough they easily will. Today we are going to look at a frame from Costa Del Mar called Isabela.

The Isabela frames are stylish and versatile to wear at a formal outdoor event, with your jeans and are perfect for the beach. As I said these glasses stand on their merit.

We reviewed the frames you see above, the Isabela style with tortoise frame and copper lens. The first thing you will notice is the clarity of the optics. The second you put them on you will notice how clear everything is. Wearing the Costa Del Mar sunglasses is like seeing everything in high definition. I would suggest doing an A/B test with your $20 fashion frames. When you see how distorted the optics are in your old glasses, I am sure you will throw them in the trash.

The second thing I quickly noticed was the weight of the frames. The Costa Del Mar Isabela style sunglasses are incredibly light. I found this to be a pleasant surprise considering their large frame. I also loved the non-slip nose grips. They provided comfort, and it was nice not to have constantly to catch my sunglasses as they slid off my face. The Isabela’s also give you 100% UV light blockage.

The Costa Del Mar Isabela sunglasses have a list price of $149, great value for the years of enjoyment and style they will give you. I challenge you to try this experiment. Round up all of the department store and fashion website sunglasses you have sitting in drawers and at the bottom of bags. I am sure when you add up the $20, $30 and $40 frames you will quickly see you could have bought a couple of pairs of Costa Del Mar sunglasses for the same money.

When you look at the $40 frames with the fancy designer name, don’t be fooled. They were most likely made in the same factory with the same horrible lenses as your $20 fashion website sunglasses. You only get one set of eyes. Make the investment to protect your eyes and look fantastic doing it.

Take a look at Costa Del Mar Isabela and Costa Del Mar’s other new styles on Their interactive website lets you switch out a variety of frames and lens. You can also find information on their Twitter, YouTubeFacebookInstagram, and Google+ pages