Britney Spears Has a Nipple Slip in Bikini Beach Candids

Hit us, baby, one more time. Even though her latest video release seems to be a flop, Brittney Spears just won’t go away. During her wild drunken party days, we were often treated to wardrobe malfunctions from the pop princess. Photos of boobs falling out, commando crotch shots getting out of limos and topless photos were the norm for Britney Spears.

Now that Brittany is a mom it seemed as if the upskirt and downblouse pictures of her late teens were a thing of her past. Until now. These recent pictures of Brittney Spears on the beach show the Vegas performer popping out of her bikini. Its a fairly tame shot seeing all we saw of her. Still, it is nice to check in with Brittney to see how father time has been treating her.

Spears seems to be holding up fairly weel. That is most likely due to her putting the halt on her partying ways at an early age. Tara Reid and Lindsey Lohan could take a cue from Brittney Spears.  Tara and Lindsey seem to still want the paparazzi and nightlife that Spears appears to have put in her past.

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