New Metallica Single and Album News

With 8 years since the release of Death Magnetic, a new Metallica studio album is big news for fans. Yesterday, August 18, fans got this big news when Metallica announced that on November 18, of this year, the band will be releasing their 9th studio album – Hardwired…To Self Destruct (through Blackened Recordings).

With the announcement came the new single (and video) Hardwired, which racked up almost 1.8 million views on YouTube within 17 hours of its release.

The general reaction?

Fans are digging it and feel the song is more of a return to their earlier. But, as always, there’s people complaining that its not the same as it was before. These are probably the same people who whine about not having the styrofoam containers from McDonalds; you just can’t please some people.

The song starts on a hard hitting note and keeps driving the whole way through. If you’re expecting a slow build you’d be wrong. Hardwired starts like opening the door for the pizza guy and he immediately kicks you in the nuts. Which is what drew many fans to the band in the first place, their songs got in your face and didn’t let up.

But we’ll let you decide with the video for the new Metallica single – Hardwired.

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