Olympia Valance Topless Changing on Set

Every once in a while, someone emails me a picture of a hot topless or nude starlet, and I ask myself “who the hell it this.” In most cases, it is a personality from the U.K. or Europe. Today it turns out to be a smokeshow from Melbourne, Australia.

23-year-old Olympia Valance is an actress from down under. She appears on the soap opera Neighbours as Paige Smith. From what I am reading Neighbours is an incredibly popular show in Australia and Olympia Valance has received accolades and awards for her work on the show.

Looking at the IMDB page of Olympia Valance she has not done much outside of that show, so fans have not had the chance to see her do a naked or topless scene. While the internet is littered with bikini pictures of the Greek goddess she has managed to keep her body clothed…until now.

These topless pictures of Olympia Valance changing on set have just surfaced. Looking at the gallery you can see that Olympia Valance has no reason not to go nude. She looks incredibly hot. The pictures show Olympia Valance naked from the waist up wearing a pair of nude coloured panties.

If you want to check out Olympia Valance topless changing on set, see below. Be sure also to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions.