Stream Every NFL Game Online Live

Yes, it is that time of year. Our first NFL football Sunday is upon us and for us diehards, we want to see all of the NFL action. The biggest issue for us diehards is broadcast television dictates what we get to watch. You fantasy football players can not watch your star players if they are out of the market. Me being a hardcore Miami Dolphins fan living in Boston I am lucky if I can catch four games per year.

There are some online offshore “free” streaming sites that allow you to watch all of the NFL action. The problem is these sites are not free. They are loaded with malicious ads and spyware. Your computer could be crippled with viruses before kickoff. Even worse watching your game on those sites could cost you your banking credentials. If you find a way past the Trojans and viruses even then the quality of the picture is horrible and many times the feed drops before the game is over. The biggest issue is those sites are illegal.

Your best option for streaming NFL games is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. This service offers you every out of market gaming in stunning HD. If you are a hardcore fan you can tile 4 – 8 games at once in a single screen. You fantasy football guys can setup Player Tracker and choose up to 20 players you can track stats and big plays on. The great thing about the DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is it is compatible with multiple devices.

I stream DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket on my XBOX One directly to my television. There are also streaming options for tablets, Playstation 3 and 4, iOS and PC computers. If you want to go hardcore there is even and app for the Apple Watch.

As the season marches on I will be reviewing all of the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket features separately. If you want fo to get more information on DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket immediately, I suggest you checkout their homepage, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube pages.