The Cosplay of Stella Chuu

To simply pin New York native Stella Chuu as a cosplayer only, would be a missing the mark by a long shot.

Now, while there’s nothing wrong with becoming known for strictly cosplay work (as there are many great cosplayers out there) sometimes, not looking beyond the costumes, can mean missing out on a great deal from an individual. And this certainly applies to Stella Chuu.

A Mobile App designer by profession, Stella Chuu divides her after work hours between cosplay, costume work, her media and her burlesque performances.

While Stella Chuu is quite comfortable wearing next to nothing in her burlesque appearances, and isn’t afraid to wear revealing cosplay costumes, this doesn’t mean that Stella Chuu doesn’t have a sense and where and when; those of you who criticize ‘all’ cosplayers for impropriety – take note.

Chuu said, in one interview, that her most revealing cosplay consisted (mainly) of a thong and a top that revealed both her midriff and a healthy dose of underboob. However, Stella Chuu added that she chose to wear this costume at an 18+ only convention, and that she always chooses more toned down costumes for all-ages events out of respect for the people attending.

Despite her willingness, (and ability) to wear revealing outfits, does not mean that Stella Chuu is someone who is so obsessed with how good she looks that she would run others down.
Far from it.

The Twitch partner regularly teaches self-confidence to others, and encourages cosplayers (of all levels) to DIY for their costumes, at the events she attends around the country.

You can follow Stella Chuu through both her Facebook and personal webpage (, or purchase items through her Storenvy page.

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