Free NFL Picks and Week 9 Expert Laser-Accurate Predictions – 2016

The House posted half-decent numbers in the week 8 free football pool in a very rare event. For only the third time so far in the 2016 season, The House’s pick set was over .500. The 7-6 week 8 record puts our experts at exactly 60-60 for the season… which is not very expertly. Since we repeatedly say, “always forward, never back”, it’s time to review the week 9 free NFL picks and expert predictions.

We have division games out the wazoo in week 9, a whopping seven out of 13 being played this weekend. The closest, according to the Vegas point spreads, is Oakland Raiders hosting the Denver Broncos on Sunday night. Oakland is favored by 1. The teams have matching 6-2 records and this battle could be for sole possession of first place in the AFC West. With the Chiefs right behind at 5-3, this game is huge. Our experts are going against the Vegas odds and picking the Broncos to emerge from Oakland victorious, but in a nail biter. Keep an eye on this division down the stretch, its going to be a fun ride.


You can review the other week 9 NFL picks by clicking the link above. You will also have the opportunity to enter your own picks in our “Beat the House” contest which could earn you a chance to win a YETI Tundra 45 cooler. This is an insanely-durable 45 quart cooler that will come filled to the rim with Yeti and TMRZoo swag as well as other gear and prizes, such as movies, that we collect throughout the NFL Season.

Your Thursday Night game pick will need to be entered by the start of that game, but the rest of your week 9 picks and predictions are not due until kickoff of the remaining games on Sunday.