Free NFL Picks and Expert Thanksgiving Week 12 Predictions

Week 11 was The House’s best week of 2016 yet posting 11 correct picks out of the 14 games. The league needs a hot hand going into the playoffs and The House may just be it. Read on below for your week 12 Thanksgiving Week picks and expert predictions and an exciting wildcard opportunity!

We are not only giving away one, but TWO wildcard playoff spots this week! That means that if you feel you have slipped too far down in the standings to make a difference, or you haven’t even played at all yet this season, you have a chance to make it into the Beat the House playoffs and win the cooler filled with swag (see details below the link).

The two wildcard spots go to the two entrants who go perfect in the Thanksgiving Day games and have the best overall pick set for week 12. You need to do both, but do not despair, it is not that hard. Ties will be broken by overall picks on the year, but you go perfect on the week, I guarantee it won’t come down to a tie-breaker. Jump on in and snipe a playoff spot!!


You can review the other week 12 NFL picks by clicking the link above. You will also have the opportunity to enter your own picks in our “Beat the House” contest which could earn you a chance to win a YETI Tundra 45 cooler. This is an insanely-durable 45 quart cooler that will come filled to the rim with Yeti and TMRZoo swag as well as other gear and prizes, such as movies, that we collect throughout the NFL Season.

Your Thursday Thanksgiving game picks will need to be entered by the start of the FIRST game that day, but the rest of your week 12 picks and predictions are not due until kickoff of the remaining games on Sunday.