Review: Porter-Cable Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kits

Porter-Cable has introduced two new amazing hand tools to their brushless cordless tool line. The first of the two new tools is the new Impact Driver Kit.

What makes the new Impact Driver Kit stand out is its size. It is 14% shorter in length but does not lack in power. The smaller size gives the new Impact Driver the ability to fit into tight spaces; wheel wells and tight engine compartments are now much easier to navigate. Not only does the the Impact Driver fit in more spaces it has 50% more runtime.

There is a charge indicator on the Impact Driver ensuring you do not get caught in a tight spot with no charge. There is also an additional battery giving to keep one battery charging as you are working with the other.

One of the features I find incredibly helpful is the built-in LED work light. No longer do you need you balance a flashlight in dark spaces while trying to control your impact driver at the same time.

The Porter-Cable Drill/Driver Kits has a lot of the same features the Impact Driver Kit boasts. The key difference is the Porter-Cable Drill/Driver Kits have 20% more power and give the user 20% more bit retention with its ½ inch chuck.

The user can switch from screwing to drilling with an easy to access mode control on the tool’s collar. You can quickly change modes without losing your torque settings. The two-speed drill has the same state of the art charging system and also comes with an additional battery.

The great feature both tools have is a built-in belt hook and bit clip. You can find out more about The Porter-Cable Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kits on Porter-Cable’s website, Facebook page, Youtube Page or Twitter page.