DirecTV Gives Fantasy Fantasy Football Fans Total Control

How did I ever get by as a Fantasy Football fan before I had DirecTV?  Fantasy Zone gives me game-to-game Fantasy analysis on all of the key fantasy match-ups. I can get real time information on injury updates and sit-or-start information. The analysis on DirecTV by Rotoworld’s Kay Adams is better than any Fantasy Football show I have found on broadcast TV.

Once I set my lineup in most cases based on Kay’s expert opinion, I can add my lineup to DirecTV’s player tracker. I can select up to 20 players to track during my Sunday action. I can even get on-screen alerts if any of my players makes a big play with Player Notification.

If I want to watch my line-up in real-time, I can use Game Mix to watch 4 – 8 games on a single screen. It is like having a network broadcast booth in my living room. Or as one of my friends commented my living room looks like a sports book at a major casino.

If I am watching one game or 8 at a time, I am still getting up to the minute scores on all of the Sunday action. Not only current score but also real-time division-by-division standings, along with Wild Card race information for each conference.

Making all of this even more convenient I stream DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket on my XBOX One directly to my television. There are also streaming options for tablets, Playstation 3 and 4, iOS and PC computers. If you want to go hardcore there is even and app for the Apple Watch.

As a Fantasy Football fan, I do not know how I have gone this long without these great tools to watch my lineup. Now that I have DirecTV there is no way I could ever go back to chasing information on the web and refreshing web pages during the game.

If you want to get more information on DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket immediately, I suggest you check out their homepageTwitterFacebook or YouTube pages.