Free NFL Picks and Week 14 Expert Laser-Accurate Predictions – 2016

Since we missed out update in week 13, we’ll jump right to our Thanksgiving Week wildcard playoff winners. The goal was the pick every Turkey Day game correctly and then beat the rest of the pack with your remaining picks. Two winners were awarded. Contestant miket573 won the week outright, getting all 3 Thursday games correct and then an additional 12 correct to go 15 of 16 on the week. The second wildcard came down to the tie-breaker as three contestants picked 14 correctly. Contestant FruitCup was victorious edging out the other two by only one tie-breaker point. Congrats and see you in the playoffs!

Our big game pick of week 14 appears to be right away on Thursday night as our experts are calling for a home win in Kansas City with the Chiefs taking a huge division win from the Oakland Raiders, resulting in a 10-3 tie top the AFC West. It is not an upset pick however, as Vegas is favoring the Chiefs with the standard 3 point home team discount. It should be a great game to watch, however, as some of these divisions battles will be dogfights down the stretch.


You can review the other week 14 NFL picks by clicking the link above. You will also have the opportunity to enter your own picks in our “Beat the House” contest which could earn you a chance to win a YETI Tundra 45 cooler. This is an insanely-durable 45 quart cooler that will come filled to the rim with Yeti and TMRZoo swag as well as other gear and prizes, such as movies, that we collect throughout the NFL Season.

Your Thursday Night game pick will need to be entered by the start of that game, but the rest of your week 14 picks and predictions are not due until kickoff of the remaining games on Sunday.