It’s Been a Fun Ten Years

Videogame Roundtable Episode 288 – Back in 2007, Derrick and Jennifer Schommer, along with Don Dunn started the Gaming Podcast, with their unique sense of humor and take on the biz of video games (as well as starting a popular World of Warcraft guild.) The trio would move on, with Derrick starting his Everyday Drinkers podcast and Common Man Cocktails site. Jonah Falcon took over, and merged it with the Videogame Roundtable. In that time, we’ve had hosts including Jordan Lund, Paul S. Nowak, Dan Quick, Scott Dirk and most lately, the inestimable T.J. Denzer. We’ve also had guest hosts including Hilary Goldstein and the late Andrew Yoon. This episode celebrates the past 10 years, including an intro by Dan Quick and Paul S. Nowak joining this week’s episode, to discuss this news:

‘Father of Pac-Man’ Masaya Nakamura dies at 91
Nintendo is gearing up for more mobile games, plans 2-3 per year
$500 million awarded to ZeniMax in lawsuit over the Oculus Rift
Asheron’s Call comes to a quiet end after 17 years

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