Review: Sam Adams’ Cold Snap Gives a Glimpse of Spring

As I headed out shopping today the 18-degree winter winds quickly reminded me winter was far from over. After braving the bitter March temperatures, I found myself in the beer isle of my local grocery store. Options are bountiful in most grocery stores these days. However, with today’s cold climate I found myself drawn to Sam Adams’ Cold Snap.

Cold Snap is a seasonal unfiltered White Ale from The Boston Beer Company, with aromas that give you a glimpse of spring even on the coldest days. As you take in the esters that rise from the glass, you will find orange, coriander, honey and fresh cut grass rising from the glass. These aromas follow you through the initial tastes of the beer. A peppery coating on the tongue is joined by a complex marriage of orange and bready yeast flavors.

Cold Snap finishes immaculate. There is a moderate carbonation that washes over the palate that sets the stage for your next sip of this fantastic White Ale. The cool thing about Cold Snap is it looks as great as it tastes. The beer pours a hazy amber color with generous white heads. The head retention is excellent leaving beautiful lacing in the glass and a foam mustache on your face. Who doesn’t want a thick mustache in the dead of winter to keep your face warm?

Sam Adams’ Cold Snap is a great companion for your cheese platter. The fruit flavors play off a variety of cheeses. The peppery flavors play off of any smoked meats you may have added to the plate. If you include fruit or honey on your cheese platter, you will find yourself in a gastronomic nirvana. I have also found Cold Snap to make an excellent cooking beer. I have a poultry marinade which is a mix of apricot preserves and Cold Snap. It works phenomenally with my smoked turkeys or grilled chicken. In some cases, I also add a bit of diced garlic to play off the peppery bite of the coriander.

Cold Snap is a beer that will take you from March’s early days that come in like a lion to those lamblike days heading into April. You can find out more about Cold Snap and the rest of Sam Adams’ beers on, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube page.