Caitlyn Jenner Completes Gender Reassignment Surgery

The publicist for LGBT and transgender rights activist Caitlyn Jenner and doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles announced today the successful gender reassignment surgery for the former Olympian. A team of plastic surgeons, obstetrics and gynecology professionals and urologists performed the 12-hour surgery. Ms. Jenner is said to be resting comfortably and is expected to make a quick recovery.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Director of Gynecology, Dr. Philp McCrevis told reporters “anytime we put a 67-year-old individual under general anesthesia we need to proceed with extreme caution. “ Dr. McCrevis went on to add “due to the great health Ms. Jenner is in we had confidence we would not experience many complications’.

The best professionals from around the world were flown in for the procedure.  Lead plastic surgeon Gon Wang from China told reporters “there are challenges when creating a vagina on a 67-year-old woman.” When pressed by reporters to elucidate his statement the doctor explained “When putting a vagina on a woman of advanced age, the vagina should not appear brand new. The patient wants the new vagina to match the rest of their body. In the converse, the team had to be careful not to make the vagina look like it had years of abuse.”

Jenner’s publicist Bonnie Pudenda said Jenner would be deflowering the new vagina during season 3 of the recently canceled E! network show I Am Cait. “After hearing about Cait’s brave surgery executives at E! network were eager to reinstate the show and got Caitlyn back on the air,” Pudenda told the press in attendance. When asked who the love interest would be during the upcoming season Pudenda told the press Jenner has been fielding calls from suitors that include Hollywood A-Listers to popular athletes.

Rumors coming out of the Kardashian camp are that the soon to be released O. J. Simpson is the front runner to take the second coming of Caitlyn Jenner’s virginity. Simpson has decade-long ties to the Kardashian family and is a longtime friend of Jenner. A close family confidant said, “Caitlyn wants her first time to be with a man she feels comfortable and safe with.”

Season 3 of I Am Cait will premiere in the fall on the E! network.