The Cosplay of Enako Rin

Officially launching herself into cosplay in 2015 is 22-year-old former Japanese pop idol Enako Rin.

While keeping busy with her voice over work for various anime Enako has attracted quite a following in a relatively short amount of time, especially when you consider that many cosplayers do not attract hundreds of thousands of followers through social media in a time span of under two years.

Although her status as a voice actress and ongoing artist through Sony music most likely helped propel her cosplay work forward.

While Enako has portrayed western favorite characters such as Harley Quinn and Juliet Starling (from the video game Chainsaw Lollipop) the bulk of her cosplay work is based on anime and traditional costumes.

Although her appearances so far have been strictly in Asia this has done little to affect her popularity and international appeal.

Her success as a professional cosplay has seen her take home amounts that her western counterparts could only dream of, with one report claiming that she earned over $97,000 (USD) in two days.

Perhaps as her international fame grows fans may see her appearing at future cons here in the west.

You can follow Enako Rin via her Facebook Fanpage, on her Instagram or through her Blog.

But, at this point, the bulk of her social media is written in Japanese.

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