The Cosplay of Katie George

Katie George was first drawn to the idea of dressing up in character costumes as a young girl while searching online for pictures of the popular cartoon/anime Sailor Moon; which she has claims she would spend hours doing. Her love of costumes evolved from there and into her years in university where she studied costume design with hopes of entering the movie industry.
Practicality won over and currently, Katie George works in the marketing dept. for a chain restaurant. Her education is still put to good use creating costumes for her cosplay hobby; which she admits is (most likely) never going to be anything more than that.

While Katie George does make her own costumes, her work schedule and time spent developing her own cosplays does not leave her time to create costumes for others when she is asked.
But she does document her creation process, and (through this) encourages other to learn the basics of costume making for themselves both through her social media and interviews.

Her award-winning work has drawn international attention as Katie George has found herself representing cosplay in Japan, on the SyFy show ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ (season 1.5) and through the numerous interviews she has given and continues to give.

Should you wish to meet Katie George in person you can find her next appearance through her official website, where you can also buy prints of her cosplay work.

You can follow Katie George through her Facebook or Twitter pages.


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