Review: Thursday Boot Company – Smart, Slick and Stylish Wingtip Boots

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This is the reason why if you want to impress a great pair of shoes are your first line of defense. Today, however, we are not talking about a great pair of shoes we are talking about a great pair of boots, found on websites like shoe hero.  Thursday Boot Company is a footwear company that is changing the game in men’s footwear. This company is not only offering high-quality men’s footwear they are also changing the game in men’s fashion.

The  Thursday Boot Company offering we are going to review today is their Black Wingtip boot. The boot is constructed with a full grain leather body and full glove leather interior lining. Upon slipping you foot into this boot, the wearer can instantly feel the quality. Being a guy on the shorter side of the height spectrum I also appreciated the boost in height I get from the stacked heel of this boot. The heels are made of stacked leather with a corked mid-sole give the wearer comfort for an extended time.

Yes, these boots are comfortable, but the style is what blows me away. The smart wingtip design would allow you to wear these boots in any situation. The Thursday Boot Company Wingtip boots look as good with jeans and a tee-shirt as they do with business attire. I would even feel comfortable wearing these boots with a suit.

Thursday Boot Company has a variety of styles for men and women in many colors. The company also has a range of accessories ranging from belts, boot care products to tee-shirts. Why would a boot company need to sell tee shirts you might ask. Because the wearers of these boots are not just customers, they are part of the culture of the enterprise.

One of the smartest things Thursday Boot Company does is to crowdsource their designs. The interaction with the wearers is important to Thursday Boot Company as customer suggestions, and requests often steer the direction of style and function of the boots.

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