The Cosplay of Anna Faith

While Anna Faith has been performing (and modelling) since she was in the second grade, it was her portrayal of the Disney character Elsa that really drew the attention of the public eye as she looked identical to the animated character.

Since then Anna Faith has gone on to continue drawing attention, (with her cosplay work) with various cosplays, but most notably her portrayal of the DC Comics character Harley Quinn, using the costume (as worn by Margot Robbie) from the movie ‘Suicide Squad”.

Faith’s resemblance to Robbie’s character was so close that the picture of Faith (in her Harley Quinn costume) below really is Anna Faith and not Margot Robbie, as some would believe.

Her likenesses to characters have drawn a massive social media following in a relatively short time and have also helped Anna Faith be named ‘One of The Top Sexiest Cosplayers’, and even has entire Sub-Reddits dedicated to her.



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