Taiwan’s HedY Cosplay

Taiwan has produced many outstanding cosplayers, several of whom we have featured; today we look at another great cosplay from this island nation – HedY Cosplay.
While not as known in the west as others from Taiwan, HedY has drawn many fans and followers (via social media) to her work.

While cosplay isn’t as huge in Taiwan as it is in other nations such as Japan and America, it still enjoys a growing interest and passion from fans and artists alike.

As with many other cosplayers from the region, HedY puts a great deal of effort into both the costumes she creates and posing of her characters. Not only are her costumes often alluring, but they are also very ornately accented with jewelry, accessories, and props.

The images of her characters are well posed and often shot by professional, or professional quality, photographers.

Due to her current focus of home market most of her information is not in English, but as her popularity continues to grow we may see this change. Until that point fans, and potential fans can still enjoy seeing HedY’s work through her Facebook and Instagram social media.



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