SI Model Myla Dalbesio Caught Topless at a Photoshoot

Myla Dalbesio is an American made smokeshow. As you can see she is perfect in almost every way. Unfortunately, the fashion designers of New York, Paris and Milan, do not see her the way we do. You see Myla Dalbesio is a plus-sized model. The only plus we would give her is an A+ for being so damn freaking sexy.

Sports Illustrated, unlike the fashion industry, has never shied away from “plus-sized” models.  Ashley Graham has graced the pages of the magazine as has the buxom Kate Upton. But do we dare say Sports Illustrated is not featuring “plus-sized” models? All I see in all of them are beautiful, healthy women.

Myla Dalbesio was asked about being designated “plus-size”  for Calvin Klein’s “Perfectly Fit” underwear campaign in 2014 her reply was as expected. “plus-size”  Myla Dalbesio sees her body as “in-between” or average. Maybe Myla Dalbesio considers her body average, but there is nothing ordinary about this woman.

Myla Dalbesio is a performance artist, photographer and critically acclaimed author.  She is a favourite of the NYC media and art world. So, with this pedigree how did Myla Dalbesio end up on the pages of Well, she has a beautiful set of breasts, and it seems she is not afraid to bare them naked to the world.

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