I Can Take DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket “Wherever I May Roam”

While using the DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket on multiple devices during the season, I always have the Metallica song “Wherever I May Roam” stuck in my head. I have had access to every NFL Sunday game all season at the tip of my fingers, wherever I go. Case in point a few weeks ago I was forced out of the house on a shopping spree on a Sunday. Typically when pushed away from Sunday NFL action I find myself continually checking the scores throughout the day. Now, I have live action in the palm of my hand.

The DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket is available for Apple iOS 9.x, and above, Android OS 4.4 and above and even Windows 10.x powered smartphones. On my HTC 10, the clarity of the picture is amazing. I do not know what kind of video compression DIRECTV is using. I wouldn’t want to get that techie. However, the quality is HD without any buffering or freezing of the picture is mind-blowing.

My experience with the iPad app is just as impressive. Being a Miami Dolphin’s fan in Boston, I am not always assured seeing my game when hitting the local sports bar with my friends. With DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket app on the iPad, I can dial in my game while tilting beers with my Patriot’s fan buddies. The iPad so far is my favorite mobile DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket app. The more significant screen and upgraded speakers deliver a home experience on the road.

Do I dare mention the Sunday I took Terry, Howie and the boys to Sunday brunch? Yes, I can get my FOX pregame show while watching the perfect omelet being made. I rely on these guys for my fantasy football updates and news every Sunday. I know I am not the only one out there that has gotten back to the games on Sunday to find the number one guy in your line up has been scratched. Now I am on top of my lineup no matter what tasks or chores Sunday morning throws at me.

On my XBOX and Amazon FireStick DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket always delivers. On the smartphone and tablet, DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket goes “Wherever I May Roam”. If you are not convinced how good this service is based on my experience sign up for DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket’s 7-days free trial and see for yourself.

I will leave you with a clip from  “The Commish”.  “The Commish” is an eight-part series of video shorts, which airs on FOX NFL Sunday every week, highlights Peyton’s ongoing partnership with DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET. For updates, each week from Peyton, follow DIRECTV, #TheCommish or #NFLSUNDAYTICKET. TheCommissioner.com  also gives fans teasers of “The Commish” series, a Fantasy Football profile generator and more.