Trinary System with Roger Miller of Mission of Burma

Ralph’s Diner in Worcester is one of the best old school (as in The Rat, The Club, Jaspers, Jumbos, Club Bohemia, the original Paradise) rock clubs in the world. Following up the superb party that was Human Sexual Response and Unnatural Axe at the House of Blues in Boston, November 3, is another Friday night extravaganza with scene veterans Roger Miller of Mission of Burma with his Trinary System and Mike Aroian of Elsewhere. Both artists performed at the Rathskellar and bring their magic to the always magical Ralph’s along with Plastic Angels and Ian Cat and the Crimsons.

Trinary System got a nice quote from a fan: ”This was off the hook fun! Trinary System with Roger Clark Miller Andrew Willis and Larry Dersch was amazing! That’s some #futurepostpunk right there….May 31, 2014 The band’s FB page has this essay: Miller’s primary motive for forming The Trinary System was to free his guitar playing from a post-punk environment. The band started with songs he wrote that didn’t make sense for Mission of Burma. Delving deeper into the full history of rock viewed hazily through his 2014 surrealistic/psychedelic nature, with perhaps a bit of funk pelting the proceedings from the wings, Miller is opening things up.

Larry Dersch was in Miller’s complex ’90’s keyboard and drum duo, The Binary System (1 cd on SST, 2 on Atavistic). “Larry proved he could not only take anything I dished out, but he could dish it right back at me.” No question as to who the drummer would be, and mercifully he was up for it.

Andrew Willis played guitar in the avant-rock band The Web in Louisville, KY. Bob Weston said The Web opened for Shellac and he thought they were great. That made sense with everything else Miller knew about Andrew. “I’d never actually heard him play when I asked him to join the band on bass. I checked in with Larry after the first couple of rehearsals in 2013 – ‘Hey, you think this works?’ Larry said, ‘Yeah, let’s go.'” Andrew hadn’t done any singing in a band for 20 years, but now he does.

Ian Laczynski of Beat Surrender fronts the Crimsons with lots of music up on Bandcamp for your perusal and enjoyment. The band states that they enjoy The Sharp Shadows, The Cowpunks, The Okay Win, Cat Has Claws, Matthew DeMello, Shelley Therrien, The Odessa Steps, Forest Henderson, Ben Swartz, Kevin Sinclair, A Troop of Echoes, The Barreracudas, Alyssandra Nighswonger, O.B. Howard, Butt Whitney – but that’s if you travel deep into Facebook to find out. You can hear “East Coast New England Boy” here:

Elsewhere, the “new wavers gone wild” return with their first show since the spectacular night at The Middle East in Cambridge, August 11 2017. Elsewhere appeared on the main stage and were spot on, after a full page in the Boston Herald, airplay on WXRV the River, WMWM, Boston Free Radio, WEMF and other stations. The band decided to take 3 months off to complete work on their newest EP scheduled for 1/18 release.

Opening the evening are Plastic Angels — Cape Cod’s newest hitmakers!….well, they call themselves a Boston band… Bethany Lawson – Vocals eff Lawson – Guitar Rick Barry – Bass, Richard (Dickie) Buck – Drums Their FB page notes: The duo met in July of 2013 and began writing music soon after. The result was a debut EP titled “Love in Hell” (2014) released under the band name Angry Ginger. ||

Catch this great show Friday night November 10 at Ralph’s in Worcester

By guest columnist Janis Reed