Three Additional Mini Morley Custom Shop Pedals

Morley, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech® audio solutions, released three new limited edition custom shop pedals. All are designed to save space on crowded pedal boards while maintaining tone, features and durability the Morley large format pedals are known for. The Morley Custom Shop also allows for some eye-catching graphics.

The first is a mini version of DJ Ashba’s Skeleton Wah with Switchless & Optical Wah operation (no pots or switches to wear out), internal Wah Level Control, Cool Blue LED and the entire pedal Glows-In-The-Dark! Available mid-July with street price of $229.

Second is the Limited Edition Mini Michael Amott Wah; this switchless and Optical wah is voiced to cut through the heavier tones you hear in Michael’s band Arch Enemy. It’s equipped with our MQ2 Inductor and “True Tone” buffer for great tone and no signal loss, and decked out in an awesome blood-splatter design with a Cool Blue LED. Available August with street price of $279.

The third is the Limited Edition Mini Mark Tremonti Power Wah. This one is switchless, optical and has a Boost knob for 20 dB of Wah Boost. The pedal is beautifully wrapped in custom artwork from Tremonti’s latest album “A Dying Machine” and is currently available exclusively at for a limited time. Street price of $279.

All of the new minis are suitable for use with guitar, bass, keys or any other instrument you can plug into it. Each measure 6.85” in length, 4.5” wide and 2.75” in height. They all come equipped with Electro-Optical circuit (no pots to go bad), switchless design (step on to engage Wah, step off to go to bypass), Pedal Glow™ Toe End Stickers, “True Tone” Buffer (maintains volume and tone), cold rolled steel chassis, LED indication, Quick Clip battery door and our no-hassle warranty.