Audioscam- Kicking And Screaming 2018

On a conference call circa August 2011 to promote Audioscam’s second release “When The Money’s Gone” I was introduced to Brian Pitcher.

The initial question I had was did he make a concerted effort to author songs that would somehow accomplish the nearly unworkable?  That is the fulfillment of pleasing three vastly different record buyers, the passionate British Invasion and straight-ahead rocker (especially 1964-Mid 1970’s), the rebellious New Wave, Power Pop, and Punk fan of the 70’s and early 80’s, and the exponent of the Indie-Rock scene from 2000 to the present.

Brian’s response cemented how potent he was as a songwriter and Audioscam as a band.  Brian told me “As long as I have been writing songs I have never attempted a pre-fabricated approach.  I let things take a natural course.”

With the fans of the aforementioned styles of sound as divided as the current United States political parties, it gave me an even more reinforced view of Audioscam.

After over four years we finally have the follow-up to 2014’s “Audioscam 3.”  This time around the Australian powerhouse serves up the six tracks “Kicking And Screaming.”  It is one thing to commandeer a room but another to sequester the listener.  From the first note we are secluded.  There is no outside interference, the only duty is to interpret the stellar recorded works and all else becomes secondary.

The opening number “Just Like Jamaica” serves a dual-meaning.  Brian penned the tune first as homage to the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team that gained world-wide attention and everlasting respect at the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Canada.

Brian’s additional (but in no way taking a back-seat) message is to never let others foil your dreams and prevent your life from taking its own unique shape.  Comingling the mellow sounds of Jimmy Buffet with a dose of Rock “N’ Roll” the latest project is not only off and running but catapulting forward.

Track 2 “Baby Done Bad” is Brian’s story of meeting his wife Julie.  We the listener are thrown into the reverse time machine and land in the year 1972.  On the radio is the rock and boogie sound of Humble Pie’s “30 Days In The Hole.”  Audioscam has unearthed the Humble Pie sound and brought it forward.

Next up is “Get Used To This.”  After getting married Brian found himself in a place he couldn’t believe existed.  There was contentment and stability.  Although in the back of his mind there was skepticism that the dream would be shattered, Brian and Julie remain an unbreakable team.  The Talking Heads, Television, and Joe Jackson resonate in your mind as Audioscam sends a message of hope.

The fourth song “Batesfield” brings Brian back to yesteryear.  Written by his friend from High School, Mark Gable.  A bank robbery and a country mile removed from the crime is the thematic scene.  ACDC and Alice Cooper are prevalent in the musical beat.

Onward to “Hand Of Sin.”  Open to your own interpretation.  To quote Brian “There is an evil vibe to it.”  Talking Heads and Graham Parker come to mind in terms of the musical spectrum.

As a bonus the CD ends with a gem.  A live version of “When The Money’s Gone” the title track from the 2011 release.

Here are the players:

Brian Pitcher- Vocals, drums, acoustic guitar

Brad Wallace- Bass, backing vocals, guitar, and keyboards

Wayne Macintosh- Guitar

Additional Personnel:

Tenor Mel Miller- Steel drums and pans on Just Like Jamaica

Jason Byrne- Guitar on Batesfield and When The Money’s All Gone

Ross Wedding- Guitar on When The Money’s All Gone

Miss Ari Safari- Backing vocals on When The Money’s All Gone

Audioscam’s gift to us for an eternal summer.

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All the best,

Craig Fenton

Author: Jefferson Airplane “Take Me To A Circus Tent”

Jefferson Starship “Have You Seen The Stars Tonite”

Thanks to guest contributor – Craig Fenton