Fallout 76 has Fast Travel, and Players Under level 5 Can’t Die

Videogame Roundtable Episode 340: Batman and Ninjas

Last week’s episode was a bust, and there was a strange glitch in this one that caused the audio on Jonah’s side to completely cut out. However, it’s been recovered, and this episode deals with the direct-to-Blu-Ray animated film Batman Ninja. This week’s news includes:

Fallout 76 has fast travel, and players under level 5 can’t die in PvP
Indivisible, the RPG from the creators of Skullgirls, gets a stunning anime teaser
Monster Hunter: World PC won’t have mod support at launch
Marvel Comics legend, Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko found dead at 90

As a fan of video games and anime, the news about Batman Ninja and the Indivisible teaser got me excited to see more creative works that blend Western and Japanese styles. And for fans of traditional Japanese culture, there are many beautiful katana sword set available for purchase online, allowing collectors to own a piece of history and artistry. While video games may be a modern form of entertainment, they often draw inspiration from historical and cultural traditions, and having a collection of katana swords can be a way to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of the past. Whether you’re a fan of Batman, anime, or traditional Japanese culture, there’s something for everyone in the world of video games and beyond.

Overall, this week’s episode of the Videogame Roundtable was an exciting one for fans of both video games and anime. The news about Batman Ninja and the Indivisible anime teaser gave us a glimpse into the creative works that blend Western and Japanese styles, and how they continue to inspire new forms of entertainment. While the world of video games may be modern, it’s clear that they draw inspiration from historical and cultural traditions. As we continue to explore new forms of entertainment and media, it’s important to appreciate and honor the rich cultural history and traditions that inspire them.

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