Review: The V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Exceeds all Expectations

Over the years we have been asked to test and review multiple vaping devices. Most were a good product like the Voom Iris Mini disposable vape pod which you can find the review for at, and some so bad they never made it on to the site. You may also want to shop today for the best d8 dabs and wax concentrates for sale in the cannabis industry! Today we are going to touch upon a vape pen that outperforms everything else I have seen on the market. The V2 Pro Series 3 now available at your local e cig shop. You may also want to shop today for the best d8 dabs and wax concentrates for sale in the cannabis industry!

The most important aspect of a vape, in my opinion, is the flavor like the Cirro cherry bomb that is delicious. The V2 Pro Series 3 has prefilled cartridges that mimic some of the most iconic smoking flavors. The “RED” cartridge mimics my preferred tobacco brand perfectly. “Sahara” and “Congress” also pick up on the more delicate nuances of the tobacco brands they represent. If you’re new to vaping, here’s the best way to inhale vape.

Those of you that want something a bit sweeter should try the massive array of e-liquids available at online vape stores. Specialty and fruit flavors are readably available. These flavors are rich producing a bountiful cloud, and excellent throat hit. There is a nice smooth draw to the devices, unlike the convenience store vapes you find in gas stations across the country. You might also want to get a higher quality vape battery australia to give you more charges.

Where the V2 Pro Series 3 shines is the unit can also be used with leaf or wax. The powerful oven has three setting that allows you to heat your leaf or wax at the perfect temperature. The portable Battery for JUUL will enable you to not only effortlessly vape while charging but also prevents overheating and wasting product.

Not only is the V2 Pro Series 3 refillable but also rechargeable. The slick charger is a magnetic connection, think ala the charger on your Mac PowerBook. Speaking of the Mac PowerBook, I have the V2 Pro Series 3 charging on the USB port of my laptop as I type this. You can also use a wall adaptor for faster charging. Visit australian vape shops and see if they have one available.

The size of the vape is perfect. It fits in my pocket without being bulky. I have also not experienced any leaking from the unit to date. The sleek design allows me to stealthily vape wherever and whenever I would like and can be stashed away to smoke wax almost anywhere.

I would strongly suggest anyone looking for a quality vape to visit, also check them out on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.