LoveSuze, A New One Size And Perfectly Giftable Lingerie Collection Launches

Suzanne Macbale, former Victoria’s Secret design exec, has launched her own one-size lingerie line. The collection, LoveSuze, includes a series of creative gift sets, as well as daily essentials that belong in everyone’s top drawer.

The line includes glittery pasties, beautiful lace panties, sleep masks, slippers, and barely-there teddies. The core of the collection is built around seven cleverly curated gift sets including all of the ingredients needed for a memorable rendezvous. Removing size from the equation allows for effortless gifting and an incredible fit.

Gift sets included in the debut collection are: Snoozing Beauty, Just Essentials, Goodnight Kiss, Bondage, Late Night Masquerade, Total Flirt, and Cupid Approved. Each piece is playful, beautifully-crafted, sexy, and easy to wear.

After more than a decade at Victoria’s Secret, Macbale is no stranger to the technology involved in crafting a one-size garment that fits perfectly. She spent many years creating and engineering new panty silhouettes while painstakingly refining every detail to ensure the best possible fit.

“LoveSuze is about cultivating an experience without sacrificing comfort for fashion and fun,” says Macbale. “I wanted to create a collection of one-size garments made from beautiful materials, that bring a wide variety of designs to life. Although LoveSuze is playful and fun, the collection is very versatile. It’s perfect for a date night, everyday wear, or for a gift that you know will fit. LoveSuze stands for love; love for lingerie, love for women and men, and most importantly, loving yourself.”

LoveSuze’s seven debut gift sets are available on

About LoveSuze

LoveSuze is a novelty lingerie collection expertly designed and crafted to be one-sized. From your everyday panty with an incredible fit, to a slightly naughty gift set (starter spankers included) the collection includes sparkly pasties, beautiful masks and a dash of spice. The debut collection features seven gift sets ideal for self or otherwise, as well as daily essentials that belong in everyone’s top drawer.