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Our guest this week is singer/songwriter Phoebe Legere we had a really interesting and intense conversation on music and her career see Phoebe’s information below:

Phoebe Legere is an Acadian-Abenaki performance artist, author, multi-instrumentalist, artist, and community organizer.

She is a Juilliard-trained composer who underlines her philosophical and social message with music, text, movement, image, and dance.

Legere began her career as Resident Composer at the Wooster Group where she learned acting, movement, speech, improvisation and experimental, environmental theater with Willem Defoe, Richard Schechner, Victor Turner, Ron Vawter, and Spaulding Grey.

Phoebe Legere has had numerous academic appointments including Resident Artist at the School of Visual Arts where, in 2003, she invented a musical instrument, the Sneakers of Samothrace, a wearable computer for disabled children.

“At SVA, I learned about installation art from Perry Hoberman. SVA taught me how to program computers and build circuits. I loved it!”

As a teenager, Phoebe Legere sang with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and debuted at Carnegie Hall. Now she plays with classical ensembles all over the world.

She wrote an epic poem called The Waterclown about water issues and water rights. She sang the poem with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony(Ed London, conductor). Legere’s work,(with music co-composed by Morgan Powell) was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Music in 2001.

Legere received an NYSCA (New York State Council of the Arts) grant to write The Queen of New England, an experimental multimedia opera about the Massachusetts Native American Holocaust. The opera, produced by Roulette Intermedium in 2002, featured eleven Native Americans and four classical musicians.

In 2004, Legere revived her 1992 political play with music: Hello Mme. President about the first female President of Color. The original cast included Rock n Roll Hall of Fame great, LaVerne Baker, with Phoebe Legere playing the First Partner.
•In 2013 Legere created an alternative fuel vehicle, a giant Eagle puppet entirely made from upcycled and repurposed metal harvested from car wrecks. Legere transmuted the pain of car crash relics into beauty. She cut 1000 eagle feathers from discarded iced tea cans. Legere learned how to braze, forge and manipulate metal to make this “magnificent, mythic, giant, rideable sculpture that can be seen today as the giant mascot of the nonprofit allies Foundation for New American Art on the East Coast and Curious Forge on the West Coast. ” She rode it around Northern California, doing performances on the solar stage, teaching school children about the environment. The SHAMANCYCLE was the subject of her 2015 film The Shamancycle Story.

•Also in 2013, Legere wrote Shakespeare and Elizabeth. She starred as Elizabeth l. The play investigated the Shakespeare authorship question and the roots of the Protestant Reformation. Legere also played Mary Queen of Scots. Rhys Tivey, who played her Executioner decapitated her.

•Legere has recorded seventeen albums.

•She shoots, directs and edits her videos.

•Her video for her award-winning song Marilyn Monroe was seen by David Bowie. He invited her to open for him on his 1991 National Sound and Vision Tour.

•Legeres 2017 album Heart of Love went to #18 on the National Roots chart. She has had over a million views of her videos on Youtube. Legere, signed as a teen to Epic Records, has, throughout her career been a vital part of the downtown
•avant-garde music and art world.

•Phoebe Legere was Head Writer and Host of the Roulette TV, a show about the global experimental art and music scene. Legere is an Acker Award Winner and MC of the annual Acker Awards. The Acker is an award given for service to the Avantgarde Community. She was also an on-air DJ “The Grand Duchess of the Blues” for Sirius-XM radio for two years.

•She has recorded for Mercury Records in England and Epic, Island, Rizzoli, Funtone, ESP-Disk and Einstein records in the United States.

•Legere is a prolific painter whose works are held in major museums and collections around the world including the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. She has performed and exhibited all over the world, from Art Basel to the Venice Biennale.

•In 2006 Legere formed the New York Underground Museum, and in 2014 she broadened the mission to bring art and music to underserved children at her 501(c)3 entity Foundation for New American Art.

•Phoebe Legere’s 2018 Musical SPEED QUEEN, The Joe Carstairs story, (Book, Music, Lyrics by Phoebe Legere) ran for three weeks at Dixon Place:
•”Her witty lyrics are matched by music that echoes the melodies of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim with dashes of Joni Mitchell. Her piano playing is virtuosic, and she sings superbly.”- THEATRE SCENE

•Blessed with a swinging croon as dynamic as Judy Garland’s; a magnetic intensity that recalls Carol Channing; and a swaggering exuberance that would wow Ethel Merman, Phoebe Legeres talent is the sort that uplifts sinking ships.
•”Legere has outdone herself in crafting infectious tunes that set the audience bopping with delight. As a tunesmith, she is Cole Porter’s feminine flipside.  – Theater World

•”Legere’s delivery is of the sort that Fred Astaire used to sell a song: dashing execution wedded to precise elocution. When impersonating her lovers and their hijinks – notably Marlene Dietrich and Tallulah Bankhead – Legere shows a madcap brilliance for salty comedy that would make SNL or MAD TV blush.” BROADWAY WORLD

•If you’ve never heard of Carstairs, it’s probably because, like many bold women throughout history, her story has been suppressed. That’s something Carstairs and Legere have in common. .One of the show’s most powerful sequences recalls when a German soldier nearly murdered Carstairs during WWI until she seized a rifle and dispatched him with savage fury. But when a British army officer came upon the scene, instead of commending her, he dismissed her as “just a girl.” Legere also knows what it’s like to be written off, and her empathy for Carstairs is obvious throughout. It’s challenging to be a woman ahead of her time, but that’s what led both Carstairs and Legere down such singular paths at breakneck speed. -THEATRE DEVELOPMENT FUND

•Bursting onto the scene as Joe to sing a few cabaret numbers, you feel enthralled by Legere who matches the fierceness of her character. Blessed with a voice that belts DRAMA!; she could transform a hum into an opus. Legere truly delivers the essence of cabaret as an art form and test of human beings capacity to grab attention and transform it into amazement. -DIANDRA REVIEWS IT ALL

•Legere’s sonorous and wide-ranging voice fills the room during the original songs, and it lends itself well to the larger-than-life characters she inhabits in the show. When playing Joe, she embodies an enthusiastic, gee-whiz attitude. When embodying Marlene Dietrich, the famous movie actor and one of Joe’s lovers, she exudes a slinky, sly sexual confidence with a killer German accent.- DOWNTOWN EYE

•Legere’s performances as Joe and four of her lovers are hysterical and consummately performative. -WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS

•”I loved it” – Janet Coleman, Theater, WBAI

•”Witty, high-octane mega-watt stardom, sings like an angel, plays sizzling piano and a mean accordion…she pulls out all the stops…” Patrick Christiano, THEATER LIFE

June 6: Gulu Gulu in Salem, MA
June 8: Brick House where she’s doing a benefit for Children in Cape Cod to learn the arts in spring 2020.
Look for a Worcester concert in spring 2020.

Phoebe Legere Official Website:

Phoebe Legere Facebook Link:

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Music News….
This week we have a music review I did along with the link if you’d like to spread it around on your social media as well the review is to do with music released through the music label Country Rewind Records see below:

Country Rewind Records Releases 4 Legendary Artists

Jeannie C. Riley, Carl Smith, The Blueridge Mountain Bluegrass Band, & Johnny Russell

Music label Country Rewind Records in conjunction with Select-O-Hits records has started a series of classic traditional country artists including Jeannie C. Riley, Johnny Russell, Carl Smith, and   The Blue Ridge Mountain Bluegrass Band.  This is what I would call Nashville’s version of BBC sessions that have been released throughout the years of much classic rock artists such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Cream, to name a few.  These are recordings from some of the best country artists of the 50s,  60s, and 70s , tren setting artists that paved the way for our current contemporary artists of today, at that time radio had more shows where they would have an artist come in to the studio and play their hit single and then if time permitted they would perform some of their favorite songs that either were currently on the charts or a former chart-topper at the time, and they would perform those classic songs the way they would have done it had they recorded those particular ditties themselves;

Thomas Gramuglia, the owner of Country Rewind Records, rescued the master tapes of the material contained in these packages.  These performances just as the BBC sessions I mentioned were initially only broadcasted on the air circa the 1960s and the 1970s, and they haven’t been heard since on any package release on these artists.  The music contained in these packages have been remastered for the highest quality for digital sound for your listening pleasure, they have also been upgraded to a more  contemporary sound by adding some background vocals or orchestration arrangement, but I will say this you can’t tell that there were even upgrades to the material at all  they all have the classic traditional country sound that you can only hear from these original classic artists, infact if you have a good imagination and the younger generation reading this review can visualize what your parents and or/grandparents would tell you as a child that they didn’t grow up with television…they’re right about that as the cost for a television was quite expensive back then, our parents and grandparents would gather around the radio while sitting in the living room and listen to a variety of different shows the grand ole opry being one of them on the radio and each week they’d hear their favorite artists take the stage and perform their what are now known as classic hits of the day, well while you’re listening to these superior sounding albums close your eyes and visualize what I just described and take a little trip down memory lane with the family while listening to these historical music pieces.

The first of the four releases that just came out recently is female artist Jeannie C. Riley, the album is titled “The Music City Sessions”, which of course contains her  1968 monster hit for pop and country charts “Harper Valley PTA”, which also later became a movie starring Barbara Eden of I Dream Of Jeannie,   and then later a television show as well from 1978-1981,  although Jeannie would never obtain another #1 chart hit on the pop and country charts, she did have moderate success with some other songs and some are included in this package, including “Me and Bobby McGhee” penned by Kris Kristofferson and written for Female rock legend Janis Joplin who would have a monster hit with it towards the end of her life and career.  Crying Time originally recorded and written by Buck Owens for the b-side of his hit “I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail”, did not chieve a hit for him, but would two years later in 1966 for Ray Charles, Jeannie takes a turn on making this classic her own with her vocal stylings, some of Jeannie’s other moderately charted hits included in this package are “Back Side Of Dallas”, “Country Girl”, “Girl Most Likely”  “There Never Was A Time”,  “Tings Go Better With Love”, and then some other great cover tunes as i’ll call them with Jeannie’s vocal stamping on them including “Okie From Muskogee” a classic sixties hit for Merle Haggard,  and this is a treat to hear her doing legendary Dusty Springfield’s hit “Son Of A Preacher Man” done in a totally different style from Dusty’s memphis r&b soul version but Jeannie’s is very catchy to the ear, and then one of my personal favorites to have been covered is “Games People Play” written and performed originally by Joe South, this one doesn’t have as much of a spin on it as it was basically a traditional country tinged song to begin with, if you are a fan of Jeannie C. Riley you should definitely go out and get this definitive collection of material that hasn’t been heard since the original airing of these on the radio which is close to 50 years this won’t just attract the original fans of her music this will also bring some new fans that are interested in hearing where some of their current country artists got their influences from.

The second album released from this record label is Grand Ole Opry member Johnny Russell with the album entitled “All I Got To Do Is Act Naturally”, and with in this collection of material there are some of Johnny’s more memorable singles including his big hit from 1973  “Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer”, along with other singles he recorded throughout his career including  “Catfish JOhn”,  “Mr. and Mrs. Untrue”, “She Burnt The Little Roadside Tavern Down”, The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor”,  “She’s In Love With A Rodeo Man”,   and there are some interesting renditions of some classic hits that were made big by other artists, but again in this case Johnny puts his touch to them starting with “Act Naturaly” another great classic penned and recorded by Buck Owens and was a successful hit for Buck and also the Beatles, infact in the late 80s Buck would re-record the hit with Beatle Ringo Starr and release a music video to accompany the single release, I will say that Johnny’s version of this classic doesn’t sound much different from Buck’s or the Beatles version he kept it mostly in the same style just his vocalization is the difference from the other version.  “Good Hearted Woman”….yes the Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson classic duet in which I’m sorry to say no offense to Johnny Russell’s version but there will never be a version that can compare to Waylon and Willie’s version, nice attempt at it though,  the next classic is really just that it’s pretty much a standard to learn for every boy and man who learns to play the guitar and that’s Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B Goode”  and let’s face it everyone does this one their way Johnny is no different when it comes to this one giving that countrified twang sound to this rock anthem, “Jambalaya”  who hasn’t covered this country classic which is a fun toe-tappin’ tune for you to hear.  All in all these are tasty delectable treats for the die-hard fan of Johnny Russell who most likely did these covers in different performances throughout his career, it’s a shame that we lost Johnny at age 61 in July of 2001 due to diabetes complications, I’m sure he would have been proud  to hear these performances digitally remastered for his original fans and his new fans he will most likely pick up from this fine collection of his classic performances.

Moving on to the third release in this beautiful series of classic performances of legendary Grand  Ole Opry members and Country Music Hall Of Fame members as well.  This next artist really doesn’t need any introduction as he was known as Mr. Country and that’s Carl Smith, and that’ also just so happens to be the name of this release “Mr. Country” and this package is a definitive collection of quite a few of his single releases that spanned close to three decades worth of his fine craftsmanship of songwriting and singing, including four number one hits with  “Are You Teasin’ Me”&  “When You Feel Like You’re In Love, Don’t Just Stand There”, which were both released initially by carl in  1952 “Hey Joe”  #1  in 1953  and “Loose Talk” #1 in  1954 these as you can see were all number ones that Carl had achieved along with others that didn’t make it on to this compilation too,   staying in Carl’s catalog of singles   “If Teardrops Were Pennies”, which didn’t achieve number 1 status at the time but it still made the top ten and reached number 8.   “I Overlooked An Orchid While Searching For A Rose” , which was Carl’s second single release in 1950 and from research this writer did couldn’t find any charting for this song , but quite frankly it is a beautiful ballad telling his story of looking for his love of a specific nature but stumbled upon someone even better then he initially set out for, “Mr. Moon” was a number 4 hit for Carl, and of course there are these glorious tracks for the fan that’s been on board with his music from the beginning and for all the new fan listeners  that are just getting on the bandwagon and starting to hear this historically  recorded material.  In 1951
“The Best Years Of My Life”  a #15 hit in 1959, “She Called Me Baby”   a #32 hit single just barely getting past #40 in 1965,  “Deep Water” Carl’s first   #10 hit single for the first time in a while for the year 1967 which was the summer of love, “Foggy River” a #18 the following year in  1968, “I Love You Because” a #14 single in 1969, and would later get recorded by the king of rock and roll himself Elvis Presley and even though it didn’t chart for the king,  anything as far as this writer knows about Elvis’s musical history generally got the original performer more recognition and fan followers.

This is a well thought out collection of Carl’s hits, yes hits are missing, but this is a good starter collection for someone who is just getting on board and starting to listen to his material.

Our final release in the bunch is the Blueridge Mountain Bluegrass Band and their album entitled “Leaving On A Jet Plane.” This band features many songs written by some of the best artists through the 20th century including John Denver and Carl Perkins just to name a couple although their voices are not featured in the material contained in this  compilation, you are still going to want to go out and pick this album up for your musical library just to say you at least have it.  The musicians featured playing and singing on here are superb and top-notch players, to say the least as you have to be pickin’ bluegrass in this writer’s opinion.  The players in the band are as follows:   Dr. James Satterwhite on the Bass and Guitar, John
Kribs a well seasoned Guitar player on the track Stony Lady, John Terry Frost on Lead Vocals,
Laddie Cain Harmony Vocals, Anthony Hannigan on   Mandolin, Dave Bevins on  Dobro, Chris Leske on Banjo, Arlin
Green  on  Bass, Sara Milonovich on  Fiddle and Vocals, and they’re all on this plentiful package of music contained within this jam-packed package and when it all comes to the end of each of these albums written in this review you’ll want to hit the repeat button on the cd player or however you listen to your music these days and hear them again.

Here is the list of tracks contained within this fun-filled finger-pickin’ package, Adrenaline Hayride, Leaving On A Jet Plane, Stony Lady,
Cripple Creek, when I hear this song I think of the sixties band The Monkees who if you bought their live 1967 album you’d listen to Peter Tork perform this piece during his solo portion of the show on just his banjo with no other accompanyment, Bartender’s Blues which is originally penned and performed by James Taylor who in my opinion is one of our great songwriters of the 20th centurey next to Bob Dylan of course, Dixie Hoedown, You Are My Sunshine,  Head Over Heals In Love With You , Blackberry Blossom, Blue Suede Shoes an exciting version to say the least but it is a toe tapper that will get you up and wanting to cut a rug as the saying goes for this classic tune, and no one does this track the same every recorded version has something special about it,  Foggy Mountain Breakdown, More Pretty Girls Than One, Ballad of Jed Clampett, everyone knows this one especially if you’ve seen the sixties television show either when they aired initially or in syndication somewhere who doesn’t love the Beverly Hillbillies you’ll have this one stuck in your head for hours after hearing it as it’s such a fun track to sing along with, Summertime, a classic penned by George and Ira Gershwin for the play Porgy and Bess, and is a very well covered tune by so many contemporary artists including just these few here to mention Sam Cooke, Janis Joplin, and Paul McCartney.  Salt Creek penned by Grand Ole Opry member Bill Monroe and lastly to close out this package of is  Grandfather’s Clock, a traditional bluegrass standard but nevertheless an excellent closer for an album.

I highly recommend all of these fine packaged releases, and there is more of these albums to come from the label.  For more information on where you can purchase these albums, you can go directly to their website:  or
and on those sites, you can buy physical copies on cd or digitally stream the material through your favorite media platform of choice for your music listening.  If you like this type of traditional country music, then you should check out the current contemporary country music stars that are inspired by these artists and more of the classic, classic country music sound.  Just a few artists of today to mention that are inspired by some of the folks here are Garth Brooks, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire and many more.  This music is a lost art form because of radio today only playing current top forty hits and not a mix of today and yesterday’s music there’s plenty of room on these stations for all of it, and it’s sad when we’re forced to listen to those same top forty songs over and over every other hour of the day, if it weren’t for this music written about in this review, we wouldn’t have what we have now for music these artists paved the way for the current contemporaries out there, and it should be made known to the world.
Upcoming Concert Dates and News…
Friday, June 7th David Crosby  Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield, CT
Friday, June 7th  Arlo Guthrie The Garde Arts Center  New London. CT
Saturday, June 8th Jay And The Americans  Ridgefield Playhouse  Ridgefield, CT
Wednesday, June 12th David Crosby  The Garde Arts Center  New London CT
Friday, June 14th Peter Asher & Jeremy Clyde  iron horse music Hall  Northampton Massachusetts
Sunday, June 16th The Happy together tour; featuring the turtles, Chuck Negron of three dog night, Gary Puckett and the union gap, the Buckinghams, the classics iv, & The Cowsills  Calvin Theater Northampton, Massachusetts
Friday, June 21st  Jon butcher Axis  Center for the Arts Natick Massachusetts
Friday, June 21st Almost Queen  Toad’s Place  New Haven, CT
Saturday, June 22nd Dave Matthews Band  Xfinity Theater  Hartford, CT or
Sunday, June 23rd Joan Osbourne Sings Dylan  Iron Horse Music Hall  Northampton, MA
Sunday, June 23rd Boz Scaggs Calvin Theater  Northampton Massachusetts
Monday, June 24th The Kingston Trio  Iron Horse Music Hall  Northampton, MA
Tuesday, June 25th  The Kingston Trio  Iron Horse Music Hall  Northampton, MA
Wednesday, June 26th Boz Scaggs  Ridgefield Playhouse  Ridgefield, CT
Friday, June 28th The Happy together tour; featuring the turtles, Chuck Negron of three dog night, Gary Puckett and the union gap, the Buckinghams, the classics iv, & The Cowsills  The Garde Arts Center  NewLondon CT
Saturday, June 29th  Jackson Browne and his Band  Toyota Oakdale Theater  Wallingford, CT  or
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Talking Hendrix Show 183  Heaven Knos   6-3-2019

Exs & Ohs
Elle King & Daryl Hall
Live From Daryl’s House 2018

Super Fly Terraplane
Little Steven and the Disciples Of Soul
Summer Of Sorcery  2019

Love Again
Little Steven and the Disciples Of Soul
Summer Of Sorcery  2019

Soul Power Twist
Little Steven and the Disciples Of Soul
Summer Of Sorcery  2019

Bus Stop
The Hollies
Greatest Hits Live 2000

Look Through Any Window
The Hollies
Greatest Hits Live 2000

Carrie Ann
The Hollies
Greatest Hits Live 2000

Stop! In The Name Of Love
The Hollies
Greatest Hits Live 2000

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
The Hollies
Greatest Hits Live 2000

Every Night
Steve Keith
Single 2019

Catfight Over A Dog Like Me
Stray Cats
40    2019

Barely Alive
Single 2019

Listen To The Band (Talking Hendrix Remix)
The Monkees
Single 2019

Empty County Band
Single 2019

Until The End
Empty County Band
Single 2019

Single 2019

Act Naturally
Johnny Russel
All I Gotta Do Is Act Naturally 2019

Johnny B. Goode
Johnny Russel
All I Gotta Do Is Act Naturally 2019

Me And Bobby McGhee
Jeannie C. Riley
Music City Sessions  2019

Heaven Knows
The Grassroots
Live At Last  2000

Mister Jones Ballad Of A Thin Man
The Grassroots
Live At Last  2000

Don’t Pull Your Love
The Grassroots
Live At Last  2000

Sooner Or Later
The Grassroots
Live At Last  2000

Midnight Confessions
The Grassroots
Live At Last  2000
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Gary Pig Gold
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Paulina Jayne
John Berry
Joel Schwelling
Phil DaRosa
Jada Tringale
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