Guitar Gear News: The Torch Is Passed At D’Addario

There's no question that my grandfather, father, and uncle had a unique vision for our company.

The D’Addario Company has announced that effective January 1, 2020, John D’Addario III, son of John D’Addario, Jr. and nephew of the current CEO, will take on the title of CEO in addition to his current role as President. John D’Addario III has held many positions in the organization over his 23-year tenure with the company—from working in the Shipping Department as a teenager to positions in Operations and Sales to his current position as President. J3 has been instrumental in helping to drive D’Addario’s meteoric growth from an American guitar string company to a global powerhouse in the music accessories business.

“There’s no question that my grandfather, father, and uncle had a unique vision for our company. My goal is to build on that vision and ensure sustainable growth, while never losing sight of our core values and the integrity of our brands.”
–John D’Addario III

Jim D’Addario, one of the company’s founders and leaders since its inception in 1973, will be stepping down as CEO and assuming a new dual role as Chairman of the Board and Chief Innovation Officer.

“I look forward to being able to focus on the aspects of the business I’ve always loved most—creating new, dynamic products that solve musicians’ problems and the innovative marketing behind them…”
–Jim D’Addario

Born in a 2,000 square foot Long Island storefront in 1973, Jim and Janet D’Addario began the company with less than five employees and sales revenues of under $500,000 in their first year. In 2019, with over 1,200 employees, the company has surpassed the $200,000,000 revenue mark—a first in the company’s storied history. D’Addario products are now sold in over 130 countries and serviced by employees from Farmingdale to Frankfurt. Beyond its New York headquarters, D’Addario boasts affiliate companies in Canada, Europe, China, Argentina, and Australia.

“Today we are a family of brands, but we’re also a family company. I am so proud of my nephew John and the leadership he has already brought to the company in his position as President The D’Addario name is such a precious gift. It has been my life’s singular honor to build upon it, and now…to pass it on to the next generation.”
–Jim D’Addario