A Men’s Guide To Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Now that you know what you are looking for, where do you go to find your Valentine's Day gift? There are a ton of retailers and brands that will steer you in the right direction.

Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, and candy are some of the somewhat safer Valentine’s Day purchases. However, as the sales pump of Black Friday and the Christmas season wanes lingerie retailers see a second wave of purchases, Valintine’s Day lingerie.

The retailers know you are coming, and their websites are loaded with red and pink silk and lace titillating garments. With the prices of these garments ranging from $2.99 on AliExpress.com to thousands of dollars on a site like Laperla.com, where do the price and value reach the average budget?

Then there are the other dilemmas, what to buy, what style, size, and color.

As I previously said right now, retailers have their storefronts and websites crammed with red and pink lingerie. While you wade through page after page of these crimson garments, please keep in mind red may not be her color. Find a large catalog of bras on Uplifted Lingerie to look amazing and feel comfortable, you can also try the Belstaff outlet to find nice things.

I would suggest doing a bit of investigating before making a purchase. Open up a couple of drawers, do you see any color trends? Does she have a lot of patterns or solids? While you are investigating, it is also a great time to start examining for sizes.

The last thing you want to do is bring home lingerie that is too small or too big. Either faux pas can turn a romantic evening to a night on the couch. With a little due diligence and investigation, you can pick out the perfect-sized garment.

Choosing the right lingerie requires more than just a quick glance at vibrant storefronts or online catalogs. It’s important to consider her personal preferences and ensure the fit is perfect. Foxy Lingerie offers a wide variety of styles and sizes, making it easier to find that ideal piece that will make her feel both comfortable and stunning. By exploring the options on Uplifted Lingerie, you can dive into a vast selection that suits different tastes, from delicate lace to everyday essentials. Don’t forget to check out the Belstaff outlet for unique finds that might complement her existing collection.

And what should that garment be? I would suggest avoiding anything that is cumbersome to put on, has lots of straps or makes sleeping uncomfortable. As sexy as they look, no woman is going to bed in stockings and garters. It would be best if you also steered clear with any garment that has “less” in its name. Crotchless, buttless, and nipple peeking bras are more for you than her. My suggestion would be a gown, camisole set, chamise, or slip. Not only will she be comfortable, but these garments are easier to size accurately.

Now that you know what you are looking for, where do you go to find your Valentine’s Day gift? Here are a few retailers and brands that will steer you in the right direction.

RueLaLa.com – An online store where members can shop brand name sale boutiques, each open for a brief period. You will find top designers at bargain-basement prices, including Stella McCartney, Agent Provocateur, and LaPerla. There are also more budget-conscious quality brands, including Chantelle Lingerie, B’ Tempted, and Cosabella. Membership is free.

C21stores.com – Century 21 Department Stores are a staple in New York State, but those out of that region may not be familiar with the company. However, their newly upgraded online presence has blowout prices on brands, including Stella McCartney, Moschino, LaPerla, and Emporio Armani.

Herroom.com – This is a site you might want to navigate very carefully. While there are some great deals on the website, most items are right at retail. They do mark sales items very clearly and even allow you to search by that designation. You will find deals on top brands including Simone Perele, Hanro and Natori.

Amazon.com – All of the above brands can be found on Amazon.com direct from the manufacturer or Amazon’s marketplace vendors. While prices can vary depending on size, Amazon.com will typically be less expensive if what you are looking for is available.

eBay.com – Yes, eBay! There are some fantastic deals on all of the top lingerie designers on the bay. Keep in mind some of the items are used. Stick to the NWT (new with tags) products; you should be pretty safe. However, sizes, styles, and colors are very limited.