Study Reveals The Most Romantic Cities In America Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

So, what products will help couples in these top cities reach their ultimate sexual happiness this Valentine's Day?

St. Louis couples are the most romantic in the country! Those living in the Missouri city were found to spend more on each other in preparation for a romantic Valentine’s Day compared to anywhere else in the United States.

What town took the silver spot in the ranking of most romantic towns? That honor would go to Daly City, California, with O’Fallon, Missouri coming in third. The rankings are revealed by Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people, from new research based on couples’ increase in spending as Valentine’s Day approaches. Around 80% of Lovehoney’s customers are in settled relationships and it experiences a big uplift in sales in the month before Valentine’s Day.

“Couples that play together, stay together,” said a Lovehoney spokesperson. “Couples in Missouri clearly know that the key to sexual happiness is to be bold and adventurous, especially on Valentine’s Day, and, instead of giving their partner the same old gift, are more likely to give  them something that’s sure to spice things up!”

So, what city took the bottom spot? The least romantic city in America is now revealed to be Vouncouver, Washington. The city is known for adventure but it seems the action is strictly outdoors as couples are not ramping up their spending on one another for Valentine’s Day.

The most romantic places in the U.S., according to Lovehoney:

  1. St. Louis, Missouri
  2. Daly City, California
  3. O’Fallon, Missouri
  4. Chico, California
  5. Ventura, California
  6. Harrisonburg, Virgina
  7. Layton City, Utah
  8. San Luis Obispo, California
  9. Sterling City, Texas
  10. Newton City, Massachusetts

The bottom three least romantic places in the U.S., according to Lovehoney:

  1. Vancouver, Washington
  2. Gilbert, Arizona
  3. Hampton, Virginia

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