Sexting: Everyone Does It, But You Can Do It Better?

Recently launched intimacy app, Amorus, facilitates sexting, fun conversations, and engagement in relationships. Not only is sexting fun, flirty, and enticing, but communication and conversations around sex are essential to any relationship. Over 80 percent of adults admit to using their phones for sexual communication, however, less than 50 percent of adults feel comfortable talking about it! On top of that, approximately 50% of adults want to ask their partner to engage in a sexual act but are afraid to approach the subject.

Enter Amorus, the intimacy app created to spice up couples’ sex lives while providing a safe space for open and fun conversations. Created by certified sex educator, Elizabeth Dell, this app is breaking down barriers and opening up the conversations around pleasure and intimacy. With mini-games such as fantasy swipe cards, jigsaw pictures, and erotic conversation starters, Amorus allows its users to openly share and uncover their most intimate desires while creating healthy conversations and boundaries. No judgment, no fear, just sensual, enticing fun.

Plus, users can enjoy this sexy chat app worry-free as all messages are protected and encrypted. With no open searches, users must specifically invite their partners, ensuring a safe and private space for sensual sharing. Amorus also continually facilitates consent and encourages healthy boundaries so both partners can feel happy and heard throughout their sexting experience.

“I adore the delicious romance and discovery of truly great sexting – that moment when a message makes your breath catch and your spine tingle,” says founder Elizabeth Dell. “But it can be daunting to try to be the most creative, charismatic version of myself every time I talk to my Flame. I built Amorus to help us all get to those juicy bits with a platform, tools, and games to make us all better at sexting. With Amorus, we can explore new fantasies, flirtations, and fun!”

Sexting is a big part of many relationships today, so take your “sexy fun” to the next level with Amorus.