Guitar Gear Review: Paxton and Morris Guitar Straps

When thinking about music, we are typically focused on listening. We sometimes forget what visual art music can be. Our instruments’ beauty is also present outside of the lights, fog machines, studs, and leather. How we accessorize that instrument is fundamental.

One often-overlooked accessory is our guitar straps. It amazes me when I see a guitarist securing a $2,000 guitar with a bargain-basement strap. Cheap straps tear and stretch, allowing the strap pins to free the strap from their hold. I can not count the number of times I have seen a strap fail and a guitar slamming to the ground.

There are many options for secure straps, but many times, they are monochromatic and uninspiring. Recently I found a brand that mixes form and function in the world of guitar straps. Paxton and Morris have a line of the most visually stunning guitar straps I have ever seen. However, not only the design but the construction of these straps is impressive.

Each Paxton and Morris strap is made with a myopic focus on the construction and quality of the strap. Paxton and Morris stich visually stunning fabrics to a piece of sturdy nylon fabric. Each strap is capped with reinforced strap ends that I feel comfortable latching on to my most expensive guitar.

The first strap I pulled out of the package is a Greek Key pattern. If you have ever been to a Greek restaurant or coffee shop, this pattern is very familiar. It is also the design of the famed NYC takeout coffee cups. The geometric black and white pattern is very classic, stunning.

The second strap we reviewed is a funky blue and teal peacock strap. As you can see in the picture, the swirling psychedelic pattern is, for lack of a better phrase, “wicked cool,” as we would say in Boston.

Not only are these straps sturdy and stunning they are also sustainable. Paxton and Morris have vegan options for all of their products, from guitar straps to pet collars. Yes, I could get my cat a collar to match my guitar strap.

I suggest you hit this link and check out the other straps Paxton and Morris have to offer. or