Dating App Katch Launches World First Virtual Nightclub For The Unvaccinated

Katch, a leading events based video dating app launches the first virtual nightclub in the world for unvaccinated people. While countries are limiting the movement of the unvaccinated, Katch is and will always be open minded to all views as we embrace the basic fundamentals of freedom, yet also understanding the need for vaccinations.

“The freedom of speech and freedom to make your own choice is vital in every democracy”, says Paul Numan, CEO of Katch. “We at Katch embrace freedom of choice whether it be with same sex marriage, abortion or deciding not to take the vaccine for whatever reason. Our intention is to give unvaccinated people the same social outlet to meet real people that simulates the real world and stimulates the mind.” he continues.

As per EU GDPR rules, Katch will never decimate and will never ask members to disclose their personal or medical information to others – Katch wants its members to have as much fun as possible in the way they want it. The Katch dating app is a video based service that excels in personality matching and bringing single people irrespective of their vaccination status together in fun virtual events.

Katch virtual nightclubs are the same as attending a real nightclub, except members can do this from the luxury of their own homes. Live DJs play the latest floor fillers and interact with the crowd seamlessly. Every few minutes guests are enticed into pre programmed video chat sessions with people that match their personality. These virtual events provide members with greater possibilities of meeting someone special.

About Katch
Katch is a leading events based video dating app that brings real people together in relaxed face to face encounters. For more information about Katch visit