Only 31% of Relationships Survive Long-Distance (Infographic)

The survey also found that long-distance relationships are uncommon. 76% of respondents reported never having been in a long-distance relationship.

The SexualAlpha study asked a representative of 7,392 individuals from the United States if they had been in a long-distance relationship.

The 1,814 who responded in the affirmative were then asked further questions to investigate their experiences and opinions surrounding these relationships. Of those, 1,174 answered the survey in full.

The survey was conducted from 3/11/2021 to 8/12/2021.

32% of respondents said they would not choose to be in a long-distance relationship again.

The rate of infidelity in long-distance relationships is similar to proximal relationships. 22% of respondents reported some form of cheating in their long-distance relationships.

Long-distance open relationships were rare. Only 5.1% of those surveyed said that their long-distance relationships were open.

Most couples are kept apart by work or study. 40% of respondents cited work as the reason their relationship was long-distance, while 31% claimed study as the cause.

Long Distance Relationship Study Infographic [All Stats] (PRNewsfoto/SexualAlpha)
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