New Music: Alfa Bravo ‘SXE E.P.’ (Hardcore)

It was June 2020 when Alfa Bravo first posted on Instagram. The channel was originally somewhere to post guitar covers, gear reviews and to spread the message of straight edge. However, A year quickly passed, Alfa Bravo began writing original music and released his debut single ‘Zulu’ 21st July 2021 Alfa Bravo is primarily a guitarist. All other instruments are recorded virtually using a midi keyboard and a laptop. Anti-racism song, Zulu, features vocals from fellow Instagram and TikToker TexanDeathVocals. This was the 2nd collaboration between the two. Their first track, (demo)ns, is available for streaming on all Alfa Bravo socials. Alfa Bravo’s upcoming release is a 3 track E.P. SXE features a different vocalist on each track. The EP will cover a range of subjects such as animal rights/veganism, secrecy, insecurity, addiction and recovery. and is scheduled for release 2nd February 2022. Alfa Bravo’s sound is inspired by the modern straight edge hardcore scene with aspects of post-hardcore and deathcore. It is intended for fans of bands such as inclination, boundaries and harm’s way.

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