Inside the Hotline to the Underground

Joe Vig’s First Impressions …

Artist: June Millington
Make Me Happy 2:51

1)June Millington’s Snapshots CDs starts off with a pure pop confection that sounds as if Laura Nyro and Paul McCartney decided to create a combination of their skills. At two minutes and fifty-one seconds, it would fit on 2022 radio as easily as it would the year 1965. Fun production too.
2)Eagle to the Moon 5:18 Snarling rock and roll a complete 180 from the pure pop that leads off the album. When Millington brings you to the dance she brings you to the dance. And you have to.
3)Girls Don’t Dream 4:12 From pop to rock to folk, the Snapshots album is a perfectly balanced adventure. You’ll love the guitar lines that build underneath the folksy ode to those who ventured forth as the band Fanny did, from Janis Ian to Janis Joplin, the Runaways to Goldie, and the Gingerbreads. Smooth, catchy, and extraordinary.
4)Too Close to the Bone …a grisly blues tune that would fit in any Terminator movie a la George Thorogood in Judgment Day, the fascinating interplay of the keyboard and guitar, adding something extra to the genre the way Alvin Lee, George Harrison, and Jon Lord created a blues specialty with “Real Life Blues.”

5)Letter from the Heart – perhaps subconscious elements of “Voodoo Chile” from Hendrix and …yes, Alvin Lee’s “I’d Love to Change the World,” initiate the proceedings here it is the succession of vocals with the “no war” theme that is elegant and enchanting. Wonderful track…” we are your next generation.” Guitar work is very inviting.
6)Fire in the Street – the production is something else here, so many elements to each composition …the percussion and vibes draw you in. A chant or a mantra with a perspective on politics, cascading sounds demanding repeated spins.
7)Un-Knowable….here where the esoteric forces take over for two minutes, good segue after “Fire in the Street” where Millington embraces her inner Sai Baba and walks through walls

8)Stars at Night
Perhaps an adult lullaby, perfect pop that, again, seeks out the invisible masters… “We set our own sails…wondering where we’ve been since forever…” The musicianship is sterling at 2:32 …two and a half minutes…this would be on Top 40…if Top 40 really still existed.

9 Grace …at 2:32 again, June Millington’s pop sensibilities are very radio-friendly. And again, the song mixes are pure perfection…from the rhythmic foundation to the vocals seeking the state of grace…state of mind, has the protagonist looking behind…

10)Eyes in the Back of My Head – stripped-down pop/rap…still looking for hope, and like “Grace” which preceded it, looking behind, politics and a beat.

11)The Ballad of Fanny – this is actually a demo from back in the day with legendary Richard Perry’s voice on the slate (RP produced “Photograph” for Ringo, Genya Ravan was his first girlfriend before he produced “You’re So Vain” for Carly Simon and “I’m So Excited” for the Pointer Sisters) ….June tells the early story of the group Fanny a la The Mama’s and the Papa’s “Creeque Alley.”
12)Wonder Woman – someone get this to Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins. A supremely catchy hook, go to the definition of paean for the review of this song: Definition of paean 1 : a joyous song or hymn of praise, tribute, thanksgiving, or triumph
13)Make Me Happy (reprise, the label Fanny was originally on) …this alternate version is equally “happy,” what a great way to end such a wonderful album. A truly great recording from start to finish.


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