Jake Plummer and Rashad Evans list 5 Mushrooms that Athletes Should Consider

With functional mushrooms being linked to helping cure depression and even helping to treat head injuries, what other benefits are out there to help improve our overall well being? If you’re an athlete, here are the top 5 functional mushrooms that you need to be adding to your diet.

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Here are Jake, Rashad and Co-Founder, Del Jolly’s Top 5 Functional Mushrooms that Athletes Should Consider

Functional Mushroom #1: Lionsmane
Lionsmane is being explored for NGF (Nerve Growth factor) in the brain. NGF is involved primarily in the growth, as well as the maintenance, proliferation, and survival of nerve cells (neurons). Athletes know that it’s not until you’re right cognitively that the body will follow.

Functional Mushroom #2: Reishi
Reishi mushrooms help with calming the central nervous system which can help lead to a better night’s sleep. Getting a better night’s sleep leads to better recovery and cognition, which leads to better athletic performance and everything in between.

Functional Mushroom #3: Cordyceps
In 1993 the Beijing Olympic team broke multiple world records. When questioned, they attributed it to cordyceps mushrooms. Cordyceps help with cardiovascular health and are known as the athlete’s mushroom.

Functional Mushroom #4: Turkey Tail
Turkey tail helps with many things but is mostly being looked at for its immune system boosting properties. This immunity is stemming from gut health and the positive effects it has on good gut flora.

Functional Mushroom #5: Shiitake
Overall, Shiitake is a well-rounded mushroom. Specifically for its high concentrations of B vitamins and folate, which help with energy and mental clarity.

Fun Fact: Mushrooms are the ONLY good non-animal source of vitamin D from food. Vitamin D is something that roughly 42 percent of the population is deficient in and mushrooms can be used to supplement it.