Film Review: Age of Tomorrow

After a free subscription to Peacock (probably my third) and a free showing of the 1st episode of the new Quantum Leap, this film popped up on my screen.

I love good acting and this film is absent of that. Sure, Star Trek Voyager’s hologram – “The Doctor – Lewis Zimmerman, looking very aged in this 2014 flick, knows how to act, and does as General Magowan (keep in mind, Voyager was 1995-2001 which would make Picardo, born 1953, Oct 27, 69 years of age today. 61 when he made this film. He has not aged gracefully!)

Morgan West as Rick Sullivan, Anthony Marks as Capt. James Wheeler, Matt Mercer as Johnny Hansen, all good looking men with varying degrees of acting skills, though the rest of the cast falls off of the cliff.

Clearly based on Star Trek’s The Borg meets Independence Day’s queen mother and her flock, or brood or whatever, the special effects are actually pretty good, as are the flying robots straight out of John Carpenter’s They Live – only enlarged. Hokey doesn’t begin to describe this B movie, but it actually has its moments as redundant and copy-cat as it is. Saw it Nov 10, 2022 around 11 pm …not worth a second watch, but something to do to pass the time.