Just Another Video Game Blog – My Top 8 Pokemon

For this specific Top 8, I’m looking at both design and usefulness in battle, though not necessarily in an equal capacity. Design is very appealing to me when it comes to Pokemon, and I can’t remove that when ranking my favorites, so keep that in mind if you see a choice that is perhaps not very useful. I may just think it looks cool. Also, most of the weight I’m giving design is directed towards the final evolutions of these pokemon.

Honorable Mention: Orbeetle, Scizor, Chandelure, Zoroark, Grimmsnarl, Cloyster, Hypno, Crobat

8. Golurk

Golurk has long been a favorite of mine, though I’ve only actually used one in on playthrough. Golurk is a bit of an oddity in that it has higher attack than special attack though it is partly a Ghost type. Fortunately, it is also part Ground type and learns Earthquake as well as Shadow Punch. Moves such as these combined with a large TM move pool makes Golurk a very customizable and powerful offensive pokemon. It also looks extremely cool.

7. Seismitoad

Water / Ground typing is a ridiculously effective pairing…so long as you stay far, far away from Grass types. Seismitoad is a very well balanced pokemon that while not excelling in any one stat, is also not lacking in any one stat. While Seismitoad’s level-up moveset isn’t the best, it can learn a wide area of moves via TM and HM, including Earthquake and Surf (though Muddy Water, which is learned via level-up, is a very good move in its own right). If used correctly, Seismitoad can be a very effective pokemon for your party.

6. Mismagius

Mismagius is the rare pokemon that I like the design of, but prefer it’s pre-evolved form (Misdreavous). Still, this is a very nice design. Mismagius is very much a special stats focused pokemon, which is fine as it is a pure Ghost type. Mismagius evolves via a dusk stone, which means you’ll either be leveling up Misdreavous to get moves like Psybeam and Shadow Ball, or relying on TM’s to teach it such moves after evolving it. The feasibility of this depends on which game you’re playing and how quickly you can get these TM’s. Regardless of when you decide to evolve Misdreavous, Mismagius is a great addition to any pokemon team.

5. Toxtricity

Toxtricity is the first on this list that is primarily because I love the design and I love the opportunity to use an effective Poison type pokemon. Toxtricity is more of an offensive pokemon than defensive and its moveset is limited to mostly Electric and Poison moves, but it does have the ability to poison and/or paralyze opponent’s pokemon (depending on your moves, of course) which is always helpful. Toxtricity is also interesting in that when it evolves, it can evolve into an Amped Form (pictured) or Low Key Form. The form is based on it’s nature. Ultimately, Toxtricity isn’t the strongest pokemon, but has great appearance and can be effective if used properly.

4. Leafeon

I like most of the Eeveelutions, but Leafeon is easily my favorite. Gifted with a very nice leaf aesthetic as well as above average attack and defense, Leafeon can pack quite a punch while also being able to absorb a decent amount of damage. Its variety of learned moves, both via level up and TM, isn’t as robust as some pokemon on this list, but is adequate enough. I’m not a huge fan of many Grass types, especially in more recent Pokemon generations, but Leafeon is definitely an exception to that opinion.

3. Hydreigon

A Dark / Dragon type pseudo-legendary pokemon with levitate, strong stats across the board, and a large pool of learnable moves, Hydreigon just feels unfair, unless it’s on your team. Hydreigon is designed to look just as strong as it is. If Hydreigon has any drawback, it’s the level at which it reaches its final evolution (level 64). While not uncommon in Dragon types, it does mean that you won’t get to enjoy the full power of this pokemon until late in your game. Still, Hydreigon is powerful enough, that it’s well worth the wait.

2. Reuniclus

Reuniclus is a bit of a glass cannon. It has above average attack and special attack, but at the expense of some defense and special defense. Reuniclus is also a bit limited in its learned moves, with only a handful being non-Psychic types. Fortunately, this is offset by an extremely large TM move pool that allows you to give Reuniclus a diverse set of moves, making it useful in a variety of situations. As for its appearance, Reuniclus has a very unique design. It’s either a creature using a gelatinous coating, or the coating is a part of it. Regardless, it is very visually appealing, and a very appealing option for your team.

1. Arcanine

I started playing pokemon with Pokemon Blue, and I was always fascinated with the late game Fire types (which I was too impatient to wait on to use), but none more than a fire dog called Growlithe. While I always liked Growlithe, it somehow evolves into the even more visually impressive Arcanine. Arcanine is another very balanced pokemon, with a bit more attack than defense, as well as a diverse moveset. Aside from the powerful Fire attacks, it can learn moves such as Dig, Wild Charge, Aerial Ace, and even Solar Beam. Arcanine became my favorite pokemon very early on, and is one I’ve used regularly since. Despite some very useful and creative pokemon being introduced since Generation 1, none have managed to top Arcanine as my personal favorite pokemon.