Guitar Gear Review: Seymour Duncan Launches New Shop with the introduction of the Colossal Incantation

In the realm of guitar pickups, Seymour Duncan has embarked on a new venture, establishing its own shop on Within this haven of unique winds lies the Colossal Incantation, a creation that epitomizes the fusion of artistry and engineering. Notably, this humbucker stands out with its distinct features and a touch of craftsmanship from none other than the legendary “MJ.”

Crafted in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, each Colossal Incantation pickup is a testament to precision and innovation. Uniquely wound by the skilled hands of MJ, every coil is a masterpiece designed for maximum output. What sets this pickup apart is the incorporation of three ceramic magnets and stud pole pieces in each coil, a configuration that promises to unleash a sonic force.

Designed for the bridge position with standard E to E string spacing, the Colossal Incantation adheres to the familiar humbucker size with ¼” legs, allowing for versatile mounting options across various guitar setups. The dual rows of stud pole pieces play a pivotal role in maintaining the grit and bite that define the character of this unique pickup.

The Colossal Incantation doesn’t just deliver power; it offers flexibility in its wiring applications. Equipped with a 4-conductor cable, it opens the door to split coil and other custom wiring configurations. This versatility allows guitarists to explore a spectrum of tones and tailor the pickup to their sonic preferences.

With a remarkable DC Resistance (DCR) of 41.57k, the Colossal Incantation proudly wears its high-output nature on its sleeve. Priced at $180.00, these pickups are more than an investment; they are an invitation to experience a blend of artistry and sonic excellence.

In my quest for the ideal tone for an upcoming recording session with my band, B.F. Raid, the Seymour Duncan Colossal Incantation Humbucker caught my attention, and its specs and pedigree intrigued me. Learning about its custom shop winding for maximum output, supported by a trio of ceramic magnets, and the dual rows of stud pole pieces in each coil for maintaining grit and bite, heightened my interest. Inspired by its specs and impressive pedigree, I find myself compelled to explore whether the Colossal Incantation could be the sonic catalyst for my upcoming recording endeavors.

During a rehearsal with my band yesterday, it became abundantly clear that the Seymour Duncan Colossal Incantation Humbucker had to find its way into our recording project. The first impression of this pickup left us all in agreement—it was something special.

One word succinctly described the tone offered by the Colossal Incantation Humbucker, as pointed out by our bass player, Matt: “chunk.” This pickup strikes a remarkable balance while delivering bone-crushing low-end response like I’ve never experienced before. What sets it apart is its ability to provide a substantial low end without veering into boomy or muddy territory. The rhythms it produced had a distinctive thud and a highly percussive attack, all complemented by a tight and articulate delivery of the guitar’s signal. Despite its incredible low-end prowess, I’d categorize this pickup as more mid-forward.

When I first introduced the Colossal Incantation Humbucker to my band’s sound, it felt like trying to tame a wild Mustang. Playing in a metal band with substantial gain-staging demands, this pickup pushed my signal chain to its limits. A bit of quick tweaking of gain and amp settings, and this untamed beast was easily controlled. It responded beautifully to my volume control adjustments and picking dynamics. It’s important to note that transitioning to such an extremely hot pickup might require some adjustments to your settings, but it’s well worth the effort.

The Colossal Incantation Humbucker truly shines in lead tones, effortlessly cutting through the mix with its impeccable touch sensitivity and dynamics. However, the standout feature of this pickup is its sustain. Power chords seemed to ring out indefinitely, showing no signs of fading or losing power. Single notes sustained beautifully, allowing me to explore harmonics, bends, and tremolo with ease. This pickup delivered on every front, responding to my every whim.

For any guitarist looking to add a new dimension to their tonal arsenal, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the Colossal Incantation. Its remarkable tonal qualities will captivate any audience, from the thunderous power chords to the soaring lead lines. This pickup has certainly earned its place as an essential tool in my musical journey, and I’m excited to harness its immense potential in our recording project.

Individually tested to ensure the finest quality materials, sound, and performance, each Colossal Incantation pickup is a one-of-a-kind creation. Forged in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, these pickups represent a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. The Colossal Incantation is not just a component for your guitar; it is a work of art that transforms your playing experience into something truly extraordinary. We invite you to explore the sonic realms unleashed by the Colossal Incantation and elevate your musical journey with Seymour Duncan’s legacy of craftsmanship.

I invite all my dedicated blog readers to bookmark this page because exciting times are on the horizon! As my band, B.F. Raid, embarks on our upcoming recording project with the Colossal Incantation guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan, I promise to keep you in the loop. Be prepared for an auditory journey like no other as I’ll be sharing tracks from our recording sessions right here on this page. Stay tuned for the explosive fusion of music and technology, and witness the Colossal Incantation in action as it brings our sound to life. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to share our musical adventures with you!

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