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Consider this re-entry into the TMRZoo forum my second half of my blogging intros. the first having been listed on the "Babes" side of the forum. My name, for those of you who do not know it is Brad. I'm a gaming, and adult film journalist with years of experience in the field. Interestingly enough my gaming review efforts over the years, which began well after my time with Xcritic (Pen Name: Vincent Pierce, google it), have outnumbered my adult film critiques. I've done hundreds of video game reviews ranging from indies to 'Triple-A' releases. Some of which you've likely played through yourselves. I've been doing so for over five years now. In that time I've amassed quite the social media following, and the respect of many game developers & publishers. You could say I'm an outspoken voice in the industry at this point, and I often tell it like it is.

As a gamer, and owner of both the Xbox One & PS4 I've seen some unsettling things these past several months. The lack of proper online security, and moderation being some of those things. I often times speak out about this between posted reviews on my gaming Twitter timeline (@OtakuDante). In fact I've reached a point in my gaming career that I'm actually beginning to second guess my focus on the hobby. Like a lot of you I grew up gaming during the golden age of retro gaming, and have stuck with it since. Sometimes halfheartedly so. Seeing the evolution has been both impressive, and discouraging when compared to those golden years, or the Nintendo era. I've realized from my "behind-the-scenes" perspective that greed has all but taken control of the industry, and that half-assery is a commonplace occurrence. More often than not games are released in an incomplete, or broken state. Developers are being pushed by publishers to rush out games in order to capitalize on pre-order sales, and sales in general. The industry has definitely taken a turn for the worst. I think my once beloved dream job of games journalism has also taken a turn for the worst as a result. No longer does it feel like a dream job, but instead feels like a chore. I spend hours upon hours of my week playing through games often times just to be able to tell my readers it's either mediocre, or not worth buying. I've lost faith in countless greedy studios in that process. They'd rather not hear the negative truth though, but instead pay sellouts to lie to customers for them. I don't do that.

Anyways ...

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