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Full Version: Did I Just Waste $22.50?
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One of these on the way - My Tele needs a new nut.

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Its an interesting concept - so let's give it a shot.
Meh, you never know until you try it. It is a small investment so a small risk.
If it works as is - figuring I can go to my repair guy and get some stainless wire, touch up the wire to move the break point a little.

I've heard even stainless wire will pit, but who cares if it will last 15 years! Nickel-silver I know I can burnish, so sticking with the stock wire might be a better option.


Isn't one set of fret tangs going to bite into the fingerboard material and leave a permanent mark?
Its an offset tang as well as no barbs. I'm a little more worried about using superglue, but I'll use that sparingly.
Its here - no time to install.. Looked at the frets - I did not notice an offest, but the tang appears slightly bent. I'm thinking stainless here I come.

oh - BYOSG (Bring your own super glue).


(12-01-2016, 06:29 PM)lreese Wrote: [ -> ]BYOSG (Bring your own super glue).

"What a swell party this is."
I'm thinking shellac flakes. A little more forgiving than super glue.

Its probably going to be a couple of weeks before i install. Lots of work then a 2+ week maintenance freeze.
Before I opened the thread again I was thinking $22.50 is not the issue it is the time you have to put in finding out if this is the right nut for you. I guess I was right, I hope it is worth the work.
I look at things like this for pretty much anything -

Will it cost me more time hiring something out than my time if I did it myself?

I already have the right tools and materials for a traditional nut. A few more would make it easier - Its something I think I can do properly. I'm getting picky these days... I used to like a stiff height (made it easier to get under the strings - at the expense of intonation), now a low, minimal height one is way more comfortable.

Yeah - I had something come up that looks like I'm starting my day at 4am until our yearly maintenance freeze, then start up again Jan 4. Getting up for these things is a pain, but I do appreciate having a good job.
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