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Full Version: Sex Pistols Manager’s Son Burns Punk Memorabilia Worth Millions
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I dont get it but it is his shit. The recordings could be preserved and released for free. 

Quote:Piles of punk music memorabilia went up in flames on a river barge in London on Saturday in a protest against the way the once rebellious genre has been subsumed into mainstream culture.

Joe Corre, son of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and designer Vivienne Westwood, set fire to clothes and paraphernalia he valued at between 5 and 10 million pounds ($6.2 million - $12.5 million), on the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut single “Anarchy in the UK”.

Then I continued reading and the millennial reporter could not even get the names of the band members correct. Once I read that I said "burn it all" 

Quote:Sex Pistols guitarist Glen Matlock told Sky News that Corre’s protest was “dopey”.


Response #1 - We only have his word about the monetary value of the destroyed items.

Response #2 - "There is one one thing worse than being talked about and that is NOT being talked about." Oscar Wilde

A sad publicity stunt.
What a fucking idiot !
He could have just given the shit to us. Dipshit!