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Full Version: What's for dinner
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Last night was burgers. Made with ground beef from the grand champion steer from a local fair. Each patty topped with a slice of Gouda cheese.

I added home grown tomato, El Diablo Jalepeno mustard, and a bit of BBQ sauce.

On the side, we had some leftover Caribbean style hot wings from my favorite local pub (The Happy Viking).

Very tasty, I must say.

Tourtière (meat pie with ground beef and pork, pretty common all over Quebec), and shrimp cakes in the same style as New England/Atlantic Canada crab cakes.

Tourtière was ready made, but I made the shrimp cakes from scratch.

My roommate who is from Newfoundland gave the shrimp cakes her seal of approval. headbang
A common man's meal...

Frozen cheese pizza!
Cheeseburgers on pumpernickel with red pepper humus
**Subliminal Message for Ryan**

I almost bought some pork chops today actually.

but it was getting late and I was sick of shopping.
Tonight was chicken fried steak, mash potatoes, corn, and gravy.

Simple but effective.
I have never understood the allure of chicken fried steak.

LOVE batter-fried chicken, fish, shrimp, cheese, ice cream, hell even certain vegetables.

But a steak? I just don't get it.
Basically you take a steak that is tough, "cube" it (perforate the fuckin shit out of it), and batter it. It's taking a useless cut and making it crispy and tender.
no it's not that...

Maybe I just haven't ever had a GOOD chicken fried steak. The few I've had left me kinda confused and unsatisfied.