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Full Version: What's for dinner
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This technically breakfast, but I ground up some lamb and made some spicy lamb sausage. I made patty with it, cooked it, sautéed some onion, and put on an English muffin with havarti cheese, a fried egg and some Frank's hot sauce. Super delicious.
Fried up some schrimps but the really good part besides the shrimp and cocktail sauce was I went to the grocery store and got some Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit mix. Thems is some good dern eats there. No pics so it didn't happen but here is the leftovers [Image: Shrimp001.jpg]And YT we really love some Franks Hot Sauce the XXX is yummy too just a little more kick.
I need to try the XXX. I keep forgetting to pick some up.
made some sorta paella/jambalaya type thing.

just threw in all the meats and veggies i had in the fridge before things started going bad. it tastes great. chinese eggplant, hungarian peppers, green onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, hot italian sausages, chicken breast, rice, stock. Even put some hard boiled eggs in.
Pork burritos for dinner tonight, while we watch the recording of the Super Bowl.
eating some killer pizza from a really great place down the street. Shawarma beef, bacon, red onions, goat cheese, tomato sauce and mozarella.

This place is known for loading up on the mozarella.

I am lactose intolerant. Lately, I've been noticing I'm increasingly intolerant. Usually even a little bit of cheese will mess up my stomach.

I'm really gonna pay for this tomorrow morning.
What's that smell?
Yeah boy! Tofurky Dog and vegetarian beans.

[Image: B9RtmL9IMAAL7u0.jpg:large]
I found you something a little closer to the real thing:

[Image: 4684c93098e80f425e9a1c9278b2715b.jpg]

But the beans - I'd chow down on those until I was stuffed.

I'm having fish and mixed vegetables tonight.