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Full Version: What's for dinner
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We ordered the Valentine's special the other night at this joint:

[Image: 5BA3B42E-1774-415D-8CDD-6975B8162674_zpsscqjrmvb.jpg]
[Image: 71AC8B5B-98F6-43D9-9BD3-03B36F0300D7_zpsqjql8c2f.jpg]

I didn't get a picture of the salad, but here is the napkin for you poofters.

[Image: 2D6A7347-9A85-4E76-B22B-4D6C38B38EEC_zpsqxnyx2te.jpg]

Magnolia House
Nice stuff , you wouldn't believe how easy it is to cook that yourself. Good job on stepping up on crazy day !
No I wouldn't. I cut the first bite of the steak with the butter knife before I realized I used the wrong utensil.

I cannot cook steak that well.

I could have done without the truffle sauce.
That steak looks amazing. Then again at this point any steak looks amazing.
Having stir fry, fried rice and spring rolls for lunch.

[Image: B9533DbCMAEJcPM.jpg:large]
Tonight was fish and chips at Maguire's Irish Pub in Pensacola.

With a side of .18 Senate Bean Soup.

Also with an in house brewed root beer. They distill their own beer as well.
Cold, leftover frozen pizza.

Yeah, my life sucks.
A heaping plate of collards and black eye peas

[Image: B-AA8bSCUAAxhQX.jpg:large]
I just see that and notice the missing ham hocks WTH ? Sorry Bruce keep on keeping on.
a regular ol' PB+J, partially inspired by frank's abomination that he posted on FB, a granola bar, and a bottle of beer.