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Full Version: What's for dinner
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I dunno what to do for dinner tonight.

Yesterday I made a pizza of sorts. Epic bolognese-esque pasta sauce with some sausage and ground beef in it, spread out on a large lebanese-style pita, topped with a heap of Sovrano cheese (similar to Parmesan or Asiago, but made with a mix of cow's and buffalo's milk - tastes sharper than Parmesan). Sorta like a thin crust pizza.

Tonight.................................. I dunno.
I need to go grocery shopping.

Or I need to just order some damn food because I'm not even gonna get a chance to get groceries until sunday.
Random Meatball sub [Image: meatball%20sub%20001.jpg] [Image: meatball%20sub%20002.jpg] yummy
Oooo that could be dinner.
You never know Bruce I could end up in your neck of the woods sometime but if you want the recipes I can send them.
Holiday Fruitcake.

Damn it was good.
granola bar and a cookie.

couldn't muster enough energy to have effort enough to make food.
Grilled steak and a salad.
Filet Mignon w/ red wine peppercorn reduction
Scalloped potatoes
Spinach steamed with garlic
Taco night here. 85/15 beef seasoned right and awash in salsa. Add red pepper, onion, white extra sharp cheddar and a bit of sour cream. Boom!